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Friday, May 16, 2014

Sabayton Art Toy Revealed on Esquire Magazine!

05.16.2014 – If you heard the name Jun Sabayton chances are you’ve seen him in his breakout supporting role in Miko Livelo's “Blue Bustamante” for Cinema One Originals. The independent film directorial debut also of Livelo puts Sabayton in the spotlight.

The morning show TV host has been busy with more independent films and the usual Komikon appearance for a guy known for his beer belly and being called “Bayaw”(Brother-in-Law) has now his very own Art Toy…

This is not just some art toy and adding Filipino elements in putting together an art toy is something new to the culture. Some might not understand it and there those who will buy this without even knowing what it is because it’s related Jun Sabayton.

The art toy contains explicit themes not suitable for children since it is not exactly a toy for play some might not comprehend. Even conservative adults who are not exposed to what is “art” won’t event accept the concepot. It is an art toy those who have an open mind to appreciate Jun Sabayton as a person and an artist.

He’s been teasing this for the past months from its prototype stage on his Instagram up to the final design that was featured in the latest issue of Esquire magazine.

Miko Livelo shared the final design which is different from the one Jun Sabayton shared last month where a pack of cigarettes where replaced by a bottle of Red Horse Beer. Sabayton did not even reveal the two dogs until the final image shown on Esquire.

The Sabayton art toy doesn’t have an exact release or how much its cost, but surely if this gets out anyone in the art community will definitely have one.

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