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Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Tunnel Vision of Great Mural Art!

05.15.2014 – Whenever there’s art or painting some would take for granted not appreciating once work. There are other forms of art that get’s an immediate attention like the local comic books that has its writers and artists.

But when it comes to graffiti or street art some might think it’s a form of vandalism. There are many forms of art and you can differentiate them immediately from an actual vandalism. Take an example by this group of young artists painting the white canvass walls of Makati City’s underpass that is getting a new fresh perspective.

These collective talented individuals have made a name for themselves. Some of them might have already been featured by well known art galleries to merit them a solo show or have been invited by other countries who have exhibited their talents there.

If you happen to pass by one underpass that had a recent makeover made the effort to appreciate their work. You might see a whole new perspective on a different kind of art that has never gotten past the usual mainstream crowd. If you’re unaware of this culture maybe you should give a second look as its slowly gathering attention for the reason why the underpass in the Central Business District of Makati is getting that fresh look.

The next project is in the oldest underpass in Makati City, and if you’re familiar with that particular tunnel you might get your chance to see them work.

For now the one which is complete is located at the intersection of Ayala and Makati Avenue. It’s one of the two new tunnels that was build almost five or six years ago. It’s narrow tunnel is not easily missed but surely you’ll enjoy the view.

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