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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Tunnel Visions: Mural Art Underpass Featured!

05.24.2014 – For the past week two of Makati City’s Central Business District Underpass had a makeover. The first one was at the Makati Avenue Underpass, where you can immediately see the mural art done by Pilipinas Street Plan and Cavity Collective.

The next one is the oldest tunnel, which is Legazpi Underpass connecting with Ayala Avenue that was built in 1995. This is by far designed ahead of its time and the mural art can be found in the ceiling for some break neck art appreciations. It’s the same crew who made the paintings that few notice to appreciate but that changed last night…

Previously both tunnels which are the Makati Underpass (connecting with Ayala Avenue) and the oldest underpass in the Central Business District are getting quite an attention. Prior to the World Economic Forum (WEC) in which the Philippines is this year’s host country these underpass where blank canvasses.

The combined collaborations of Cavity Collective and Pilipinas Street Plan gave these tunnels the makeover. The most recent tunnel that’s getting a fresh look is the Legazpi tunnel connecting pedestrians crossing Ayala Avenue. It’s the recent one feature here that’s getting some art appreciation.

Last night a news program “State of the Nation” from GMA News TV was reporting about these tunnels live at the Legazpi underpass, where these images was taken during that broadcast…

The images of Nemo Aguila’s work wasn’t included in the previous feature, and takes more focus on the details aside from that more photos was taken, while the live broadcast was going on and surely you didn’t miss the coverage.

But if you blinked or channel surfed here’s a video taken from last night’s evening news, where our photographer was spotted taking these images while the actual segment is being aired at the Legazpi tunnel.

This is just two of the tunnels that were given a make over and there will be possibility of a third one that will be painted soon. The word on the street its will be the biggest of all the tunnels, which is the one located at Paseo de Roxas connecting to the Makati Stock Exchange where the Ayala Triangle Gardens is located.

The artists behind the paintings haven’t mentioned any future projects, but you’ll get the news update here first courtesy of those who gave you a neck breaking art at both of those tunnels that were featured last night.

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