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Friday, May 9, 2014

Who Shot 'The Hulk #1?!'

05.09.2014 – From being Indestructible now comes the most difficult part in Bruce Banner’s life begins with a new series starting with the same writer in Mark Waid. But he teams up with a new art team that has Mark Bagley and Andrew Hennessey.

These days’ comic books have faster turnover to restarting with issue #1. This is evident after the success of All-New Marvel Now title “Indestructible Hulk” unlike back in the days when they kept continuation of new developments through the same series.

Now Marvel starts from #1 with series simply called “The Hulk” which follows the story after Indestructible Hulk left of where Bruce Banner was shot in the head. An interesting back story is revealed in this new series at the same time having a new art team with Bagley and Hennessey taking care of business.

Mark Waid’s consistency from Indestructible to “The Hulk” didn’t change a bit only the title was changed. Marvel could have kept Indestructible going, but this is the sign of change trying to capture new readers jumping on a new story.

The mystery behind Banner’s suspects is still in the dark on who really shot him and the same people who also handle his operation. What makes the story interesting is it has something to do with Bruce Banner’s past and introducing Dr. Aaron Carpenter his former college classmate.

Mark Bagley takes on the pencils as its series artists along with inker Andrew Hennessey. For those who’s familiar with Mark Bagley he used to the artist for The Amazing Spider-Man Volume 1. This is during the time Erik Larsen moved over to the Spider-Man series Todd McFarlane vacated after he left to start the Image Comics revolution in the 1990s, which Erik Larsen followed also after wrapping up the Sinister Six storyline.

Bagley has long been associated with Spider-Man from the original Amazing series and Ultimate series. But as the lead series artists taking over for ‘The Hulk’ is a fresh perspective having his work more accustomed to the arachnid hero.

The Hulk #1 is an interesting twist the same way ‘Indestructible’ was, but this time Mark Waid has a new challenge for Bruce Banner. Hulk is Hulk no doubt about being incredibly indestructible. What makes the new series interesting is the human side which is Bruce Banner at the focus of the narrative.

Overall ‘The Hulk’ could have continued the ‘Indestructible’ series, but these days a new development for the character will always start with a new #1. Mark Waid has once again made Bruce Banner/Hulk an interesting character to catch up each month now with the new series and the mystery behind the suspect who had put a bullet in his head remain at large for new followers to jump in and find out.

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