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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Walkway Visions: Elevated Street Art!

06.01.2014 – Walkways are rare routes you’ll find in the city, and the only place you can see it is in the back streets of Makati Central Business District. It’s those interconnecting elevated pathways that stretch along Legazpi Street.

The elevated walkways back then was slowly being built connecting buildings and car parks into one route. These days several establishments started to open along the way and lights are no longer dim, which give you a nice view of the elevated street as an alternative route instead of taking the usual walk along Ayala Avenue…

For those who are urban dwellers of the Makati Central Business District you’ll be familiar with the elevated walkway along Legazpi Street. Its mostly for the office workers and building tenant's other route, which stretches from the corner of Paseo de Roxas leading to the commercial area of Greenbelt and Ayala Malls.

But beyond the elevated overpass connecting Greenbelt 5 up to the first car park along Legazpi Street is interconnecting buildings. You’ll notice a long stretch of plain canvass of white ceiling. Back then it was just a simple and quiet walk from that first car park along the walkway. Before everyone took notice about Ayala’s two underpasses, that got a media attention there was the long elevated walkway.

The walkway got a makeover sometime in 2013 with the same group of talented artists who painted the underpasses. If you know the back part of Makati City’s elevated walkways you’ll immediately notice the mural art painted in those places.

Some people just don’t care to look up and appreciate these colorful murals. Regular pedestrians won't notice this, but if they do mostly ignore its presence. Some people who are not regularly in this city won’t understand the uniqueness why it was put there. But in simple terms of explanation the walkway is a best alternate route to take at the same time has a relaxing perspective.

It was never intended to be as a public display for everyone to see, this was made for the specific idea to make the walkways and underpass to have a fresh perspective. It’s something new to see while you venture to your own personal destination.

There a few familiar artists who where part of this that represent the Cavite Collective and Pilipinas Street Plan. Rai Cruz who was part of painting the two underpasses also had a hand painting the ceiling of the walkway along with Garapata. This was the longest pathway that had most of the mural if you combined the two underpasses.

This was the original place where you can find the mural street art that was done last year. It’s the best place to check out now, that establishments like Family Mart and other food establishments as well as electronic shops is located here.

It’s the alternate route coming from Makati Medical Center to going to Ayala Malls, and you won’t miss it while you stroll along the elevated walkway.

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