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Friday, October 10, 2014

iAcademy Open House Event: C.A.V.E.

10.10.2014 – There will be a small event next weekend, which have creative minds with expressive visual talents that will be held at the iAcademy office. It’s going to be an open house to everyone which is titled CAVE (Collection of Art & Visual Expressions), and there will more details...

CAVE (Collection of Art & Visual Expressions) will showcase pieces from local artists, as well as local toy hobbyist. There will be small community groups participating in this event who are also going to be part of the panel talks. This event is open to all applicants and incoming freshmen.

Featured artists include Sheng Gonzales of and Scher of Pink Cheeks both are also members of Toy Photography community, which will have their work on exhibit. There will be community groups participating as well which includes the PinoyLUG (LEGO User Groups) and Denis Del Callar of Dark Lord Dungeon among others. But the main guest speaker will be Dane Romley, animator from The Simpsons.

If you you’re not busy this Saturday check the details on the poster below:

Get more details about CAVE just LIKE iAcademy on Facebook or go to the EVENTS Page to see the announcements.

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