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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Sight & Highlights at iAcademy's C.A.V.E.!

10.18.2014 – C.A.V.E. (Collections of Art and Visual Expressions) held at the newly opened Gil Puyat (formerly Buendia Avenue) branch of iAcademy, where aside from the special panel talk headed by The Simpsons character layout artist in Dane Romley.

There were also exhibitors from PinoyLUG, Denis del Callar aka Dark Lord Dungeon, representatives from the Toy Photography community, and Toy Crew Buddies. There were other community groups into Nendoids and independent comic book artists.

The Saturday morning was packed by students from iAcademy as wells as resident trainers who where present to witness the half-day event that started at 8 AM, which eventually ended by 11 AM. It was an open house for would-be visitors to have a first look at the recently opened school.

iAcademy is promoting talented individuals who are into art, photography, and visual animation to name a few. They also cultivate future game developers hence their “Mobile Game Truck” was parked at the back of the school.

There have been well-known individuals in the hobby community that are into Comics, Toys, and other collectible interest who participated in this year’s CAVE. If you missed the opportunity to drop by to make the visit here are the images that was taken early this morning…

C.A.V.E. (Collections of Art and Visula Expressions) is organized by iAcademy and was held early in the morning at the Gil Puyat branch. For more upcoming activities and events LIKE iAcademy on Facebook!

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