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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Star Wars Reads III at the Ayala Malls!

10.11.2014 – Saturday was the busiest day for events that happened, but Star Wars Reads has been announced a bit over a month prior to the set date. For those who don’t know what the event is all about it’s mostly an advocacy to promote literacy for the kids.

It’s about getting the kids and younger ones to reading again either a comic book or a novel it is all about reading. This is Star Wars Reads third year as a global advocacy promoting about reading, which is a first for the Philippines to celebrate as its debut.

The event was held at the Glorietta 4 activity center with partnership between Ayala Malls, Filbar’s, and the 501st Legion Philippine Outpost. The Star Wars themed campaign invited parents, fans, and kids who are fans of the science fiction film that sparked a rebellion to get you back into reading books.

For the global Star Reads celebration there are only 8 countries who participated in this event, which includes the Philippines in its first year that had a huge crowd. The rest of those participating in this year’s Star Wars Reads are libraries and bookstores.

Inside the Star Wars Reads

There were registration tables set up in the entrance and they hand out random posters promoting the recently shown Star Wars Rebels animated series from last week. There are an abundance of Star Wars merchandise ranging from books, comics, toys, chopsticks, action figures and other interesting things inspired by the franchise provided by Kapow Universe (Filbar’s Marvel store).

If you’re into board games there is also a gaming table, where interested fans can take part in playing table top games based from Star Wars. The brand has expanded its reach beyond the galaxy from far away and it has become popular having its own board games that everyone can join.

The organizers also set up a group of tables where parents and kids can join in their scheduled activity namely participating in arts and craft like drawing your version of R2D2 or take part in winning some raffle prizes.

Storytellers and Troopers from a Galaxy Far, Far Away

The 501st Legion Philippine Outpost handled most of the Star Wars activities. The men and women of the galactic empire is a non-profit organization who promotes advocacy of Star Wars Reads and they have been “trooping” to help communities all over the world.

They have been around and the Philippine Outpost together with the Rebel Legion: Bagong Pag-Asa Outpost has been helping the community for almost ten years. They are not only to just suit up as Star Wars character they are inspiring the young generation to be responsible individuals.

Most of the story telling and setting up the activities are handled by this group, and they have been known in the local scenes dedicated to help in their Star Wars themed kind of way to inspire a young generation.

Every hour a group of Star Wars characters have set up a “photo booth” where you get the chance to have a picture with the featured Star Wars character, which mostly are from the Galactic Empire.

Highlights of the Force

The activities started at 1 PM and you can see dedicated Star Wars fans lined up to see their favorite characters and also interact with fellow fans. There was a drawing contest, demonstration of the table top board games and storytelling facilitated by the Philippine Outpost of the 501st Legion.

There were giveaways to winners of the drawing contest and it was basically a family oriented event where you see kids playing around with their lightsabers pretending to be Jedi and the Sight. You see families in group and passionate about being a Star Wars fan.

The event ended at 6 PM to the success to the organizers, sponsors, volunteers, and to those who went to the event. It’s rare that you see a Star Wars–related event happening in the Philippines. This is just a beginning and slowly Star Wars is coming back not only into television or movies, but by getting back and helping the community in their small away like promoting to read books and championing literacy.

Seriously the force is strong with this one and you’ll never know where they’ll turn up next. For more about the post-event LIKE Philippine Outpost on Facebook and visit their official site in their next event at:

Kapow Universe is located at the 2nd level of Glorietta 5 and you can check out more about their future events just LIKE Filbar’s Online on Facebook. Special acknowledgements to their partnership with Ayala Malls and BIC in cooperation together with with The The Rebel Legion: Bagong Pag-Asa Outpost and the Pinoy R2 Builders Club.

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