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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Komikon 2014: Komikon Reader's Choice Award Winners!

11.16.2014 - Dubbed “Komikon X” to celebrate its tenth year Komikon also presented the annual “Komikon Awards” and everyone was in attendance to listen to the announcement by 4PM that includes all those nominated.

All eyes on the main stage as the hosts led by Sherry Zamar, Benjamin Canapi, and Jason Inocencio called everyone that they will be giving out the awards. It was the most exciting part for the main Komikon and definitely is history in the making…

For those who were not able to witness the festivities Komikon has released the list of winners that are included in the event’s program. But for the complete list here’s the complete details including images taken on stage during the announcement.

Komikon is celebrating its 10th year and has established as the pioneer in promoting Filipino Komiks creations since 2005. In its second year the event established its first ever Komikon Awards which was followed in 2009 and 2011. This is the fourth time Komikon Inc. and its organizers have presented this ceremony for 2014.

The nominations began last July 24 to 30, 2014 and all nominated works were published from July 1, 2011 to December 31, 2013. The voting period started on October 27 to November 3, 2014. The voters namely the fans were given 2 ways to vote, via the Google online form and through Facebook polls. The Votes from the two social media platforms were added together and the nominee with the most votes is declared the winner.

Alex Manabat was behind the mounting of the plaques on wood, which was given to the winners by Ariel Atienza representing Komikon Inc. who was on stage with the three hosts who called in the winners.

Best International Artist

This is for the artist who makes all Filipinos proud, regardless of whether he or she is an illustrator, inker or colorist based in the Philippines or abroad. Komikon gives recognition to the artist that makes everyone excited to get a copy of a comic and say ‘It’s made by a Filipino!”

The Winner: Stephen Segovia

Best Comic Character

The award is given to the most memorable, funniest, and the most unforgettable original Filipino komiks character. It could be male, female, robot, animal… It could be anything. This is for the respective favorites voted by the fans either hero or villain.

The Winner: Bruho Barbero from the series Bruho Barbero created by Rommel “Omeng” Estanislao

Best Cover

This award is give to the nominated on how the fans and readers see the comic and the cover dictates its best impressions why it was popular due to its cover. This also depends on the sales which are based on how it was conceptualized. This goes to an individual or group of artists that created such masterpiece.

The Winner: Kubori Kikiam 8 by Michael David and Robi Villagracia

Best Webcomic

The popularity of Webcomics is slowly gaining ground in the Philippines, which has a huge audience in the social media. There’s a lot of effort goes into producing a consistent Webcomic that everyone reads online. This award is given to an original Filipino creation that deserved the recognition for making the best Webcomic out there.

The Winner: Liga ni Likeman creted by Russell Reyes

Best Comic Strip Compilation

This award goes to the best compiled material in print that had left a memorable impression that one comic strip is not enough.

The Winner: Kikomachine created by Manix Abrera

Best Cartoonist

This award acknowledges the countless comic strip artists whose works are published by newspapers, tabloids, and magazines. They say handwork pays off without shortcuts as it’s rare that you’ll find someone who put the time and effort to entertain readers on a daily basis. This award surely would be given to the best cartoonist nominated.

The Winner: Kokoy Kolokoy published in Manila Bulletin created by Rommel “Omeng” Estanislao

Komiks Legend Award

The KOMIKS Legend Award recognizes the individuals who have given significant contributions to the Philippine comic book industry. It is a great 2014 for the community and industry that Francisco V. Coching was finally declared officially a National Artist.

Komikon Inc. and its organizers recognizes and acknowledges Francisco V. Coching to be given the KOMIKS Legend Award, which was received by his wife Mrs. Coching.

Comic Aid Awardee

Komiks would not have been possible if the creators did not have any help. This is for those who have help inspire in taking comics from concept to fruition, from the little things to the huge challenges ahead. For all those who helped from photocopiers to publishers, family, and friends, fellow artists, fans, and would-be readers who continue to inspire and show awareness about the community and its growing community.

The Winner: Joanah Tinio for online Komiks Advocacy, 100 Araw ng Komiks (100 Days of Comics) on Facebook and the Buhay Indie Komiks blog.

The Grassroots

This award is given to those hardworking creators producing mini-comics that everyone fondly calls as “indies”. These countless black & white comics stood out and proved to be the one that had an immediate impact. This is for the original creation that’s caught everyone’s attention and left them coming for more to read.

In the past Komikon Awards there were three winners with runners up from 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. For this year there will be two awards namely “Best Serialized Comic” and “Best Graphic Novel/Anthology.

The family of the Philippine comic book legend Mars Ravelo represented to give support to the independent comics creators. They have offered to give a generous amount to the winners in the Grassroots category assisted in giving the award by Ms. Maisha dela Cruz.

Grassroots Best Serialized Comic Book: The Winner: Alphario TWC by Solomon Lim & Stryler Hoong

Grassroots Best Graphic Novel / Anthology: The Winner: Fhate Comics

Best Serialized Comic Book

A comic series published regularly in a magazine, newspaper or comic book publication.

The Winner: Dragondbreed published by Black Ink Comics by creators Mara Cornelia Damaso & Elmer Damaso

Best Graphic Novel

This award is defined as novels whose narrative is related through a combination of text and art, often comic strip form. This is also an anthology collected in format, which is a stand alone story published by a group or an author.

The Winner: Trese: Book of Murders published by Visprint from the creators Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo

Best Comic Creator

This is given to the artist or group that recognizes their talents in making the best comic there is.

The Winner: Dragondbreed published by Black Ink Comics by creators Mara Cornelia Damaso & Elmer Damaso

In closing Komikon Awards the winners where gathered on stage for a group photo showing off their plaques mounted on wood by Alex Manabat. This was also the end of the program as the event wrapped up its most successful event for its tenth year.

Special acknowledgement and thanks to the organizers namely Komikon Inc for providing the complete list of winners, and awards given Saturday afternoon until next KOMIKON.

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