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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Funko Weekend at Tiendesitas!

When the Funko toys first came out, I thought that they looked cute but I didn't immediately jump on it. Fortunately or unfortunately my cousin was starting his own collection and it was growing and growing and growing and of course I saw all of his posts on Instagram and Facebook and slowly I think I wanted to start collecting, then last Christmas my cousin got me a Daenerys Targaryen Funko (Number 25) and well she looked so lonely up on the shelf I thought that getting her a little company would be alright :p

Last weekend, Big Boys Toy Store had their Funko Weekend at Tiendesitas, Paul and I decided to check it out with my sister, of course my cousin gave us his 'buy me the following Funko list'. When we got there at around 11am on a Saturday I was surprised by the number of people there, carrying boxes and putting Funkos in- as if they were candy!

I immediately called my cousin to tell him what were the available Funkos, around me people were also on their cellphones talking and giving reports of what designs were available. My cousin asked for THE BRIDE - from Kill Bill. The rest of The Kill Bill characters were also available. 

The whole cast of Big Hero 6 was also in stock. There was a lot of Baymax Funkos available. It's usually bigger than the the other Funkos, personally I think the Bay,as in the box doesn't look so good but when you bring it out that's where the cuteness comes in! Will definitely get one in the future :) The Staypuft Marshmallow Man from The Ghostbusters is definitely something to get in the future.

Our haul for the day. 

I ended up getting a Hatsune Miku Pop- it was in a glass case and was around P650.00, while my sister got a Batman from The Dark Knight Trilogy around P750.00. It was also in the glass case, which meant it was also only the one there. It was my sisters' very first Funko (she has an order for a Raven that's still in transit). 

We probably won't be grabbing Funko Pops left and right anytime soon, given our working budget and the bills that we have to pay but might be buying/getting a Funko every so often :p 

When people come up my workstation, they ask me why I have my figure on display (Rei Ayanami) I tell them it makes me happy looking at them and helps remove the stress that the demands of the daily workload can give. Yes- a cute reminder of one of your favorite characters can definitely make you smile :p Don't ask me how it works, it's just one of the mysteries of being a Geek I guess :p

And then there were two. Girl Talk between Hatsune Miku and Daenerys Targaryen. 

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  1. Great haul!

    I have considered pulling the trigger on Funko Pop before, sort of speak, but I still haven't.

    If I was to get a Pop I would only settle for Slimer from Ghostbusters and Benson from Regular Show. All the rest don't excite me too much. Now, if Funko created a Jollibee, that I would buy instantly!

  2. Oh my gosh, there really is a Jollibee!!! I want one!!!

  3. I think I wanna have one of those, maybe a batman.