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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Toy Photography TEN Best Picks: January 2015!

02.08.2015 – For almost six years Toy Photography has become a community of talented individuals who have their unique take on how to capture an image of a toy. It has become a mainstream medium now being used to promote different toy brands.

This was originally just a random hobby that was slowly started to pick interest which eventually grown from one community in the Philippines to various groups all over the world. Toy Photography, the community shares you the TEN BEST PICKS for January.

Take note that the selection of images is not conducted by the admins of Toy Photography and is exclusively featured here on GeekMatic! There are no criteria for the selection but rather show how these individuals has taken interest in putting a toy as the main subject that would depict in their own realm.

To start 2015 this was supposed to follow the theme welcoming the “New Year” but here the selection featured is showing the artistic side of the photography and the subject used in either real environment or set up.

This is your TEN BEST PICKS not in any order for January 2015:

By Benson Yee.

By Bryan Mark V. German

By Daniel Enriquez

By Gladwin Tan

By Kay Stevenson

By Marco Lance

Ram Morales

By Rick Ben

By Ricky Seregar

By Sandro Brasso

Toy Photography in the Philippines has a local community and you can join the group on Facebook as well as LIKE the Fan Page or follow them on Twitter at: @ToyPhotography

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