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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Doctor Who: 11th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver!

02.28.2015 – The Sonic Screwdriver is not like the Phaser from Star Trek or a Lightaber wielded by the Jedi or Sith in Star Wars but a useful tool. Every Science Fiction show has its own unique gadget. Doctor Who has a simple but primary device like-screwdriver.

There have been twelve iterations of The Doctor including The War Doctor in anniversary special that owned a Sonic Screwdriver. The popular Doctors that brought resurgence to the show were David Tennant, Matt Smith and currently Peter Capaldi.

Indeed Doctor Who has gone bigger since its re-introduction with Christopher Eccleston for one season (2005) followed by David Tennant (2005-2010), which some Whovians claims one of the best to portray the Time Lord. After Tennant it was the youthful portrayal of Matt Smith for three seasons (2010-2013) and currently the cold calculating but seriously impressive Peter Capaldi who wrapped up his first season.

With the popularity of Doctor Who all over the world there’s something more to the native from the planet Gallifrey. Besides his trusty TARDIS disguised as a blue Police Box that enables him to travel through time and space. He also carries the Sonic Screwdriver one of the iconic devices used in the series.

It’s a Sonic Light Thingamajig

First introduced in 1968, the Sonic Screwdriver is a multifunctional primary tool of The Doctor in his adventures and had various appearances since its first debut. But not all iterations of The Doctor used them.

The Sonic Screwdriver has several functions as it implies that it was used for lock picking, conducts medical scan, remotely controls other devices, tracking alien life, used for red setting and dampers, can operate computers whether their origin is alien or human, can control the properties of atoms and molecules on small scale and provide geolocation. From being known as the primary tool by the Doctor the sonic screwdriver can be used and considered as a defensive weapon, which is effective for a few types of assault weapons, but not designed to kill or injure living things.

In other science fiction shows like Star Trek, the Sonic Screwdriver is a Medical Tricorder and a Phaser set to stun as a 2 in 1 device. It has evolved from just a handy tool for a Time Lord who used to be known as a renegade from Gallifrey.

This version is modeled after the 11th Doctor portrayed by Matt Smith and later with Peter Capaldi only having very slight difference. But entirely it’s the same device that you’ll see in the new series.

Real Working Gadget

This Sonic Screwdriver is not only a prop that lights up and emits sound it’s actually a real tool. It’s slightly larger than the toy prop and it’s heavy due to having die cast material. Though it doesn’t function like the toy prop where the metal claws extend at a push of a button.

It still lights up and has the same sound but due to that it’s a working screwdriver they removed that extending metal claw gimmick. The screw heads (Philips tips and flat-heads) are stored inside the Sonic Screwdriver when you open the chamber.

You can attach the screw heads at the bottom metal solid part of the Sonic Screwdriver. Its functional heavy handed die cast and it’s a useful tool for realistic Whovians that will definitely keep your world in order mostly basic chores around the house.

Handy Whovians

Overall the Sonic Screwdriver… Screwdriver is something useful other than just a collectible prop lying around the house or in someone’s glass display. It’s quite heavy handed and you almost can’t tell the difference between the toy prop from a far until you’ve held it personally.

This Doctor Who 11th Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver manufactured by Wow! Stuff and distributed in Australia by Ikon Collectibles. This was acquired at Fellas Gifts in Westfield Marion retailed at $34.99 AU Dollars. For more Doctor Who merchandise and other collectible items LIKE Fellas Gifts on Facebook!

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Acknowledgements go out to Halley, Lisa, and the rest of Fellas Gifts staff for featuring this Doctor Who collectible item.

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