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Friday, February 27, 2015

Spider-Gwen #1: Most Wanted?

02.27.2015 - If you’ve not picked a comic book or had quit and lost interest in some of the recent shake ups in the industry perhaps you might wanted something that is stand alone. Just pretty much want to casually read a good book that’s off the wall.

It’s rare to find that kind of title and sometimes the ideas has been a rehash or just plain desperate that you find the narrative dead on arrival.

But if you’re looking for something new and fresh pretty sure you’ve heard one title that just came out few days ago. That comic book is “Spider-Gwen.” Now what dog gone is that comic book?

Sure the hype surrounding this new series will confuse you that Marvel started to expand more title related to Spider-Man. You’ve got Peter Parker already, Miles Morales as the Ultimate Spider-Man, the All-New Spider-Woman and now there’s a Spider-Gwen.

Yes. That Gwen Stacy known as another Spider-Woman and by now you’re confused to lose interest immediately.

But then again you don’t need to catch up on Gwen as this is not the same girl who perished at the hands of the Green Goblin almost forty two years ago in the now classic “Amazing Spider-Man #121.” This is the Gwen Stacy who became a superhero instead of Peter Parker in an alternate universe.

So yeah she’s getting resurgence as a superhero in another world that first appeared in “The Edge of Spider-Verse #2”, which is already on its fourth print.

By now probably you’ll wonder why she’s become viral lately after the major Spider-Verse event uniting all versions of Spider-Man. But you don’t need to do a back track or wait for the graphic novel collecting that event. All you need is to pick up “Spider-Gwen #1” and let the comic book get you interested again.

Gwen Stacy in this new series gives you an idea how she deals with the usual drama Peter Parker is experiencing the main Marvel Universe. But this is quite a different take on the character by itself without the supposed leading man (Peter Parker) and she becomes the star of the series leading a double life as a drummer for The Mary Janes with frenemy and lead vocalist Mary Jane Watson, that girl who became the center of Mr. Parker’s life is one of the supporting characters in the new series. Not to mention Captain Stacy his NYPD father is very much alive too.

What makes it interesting is the dialogue and the idea from Jason Latour’s mind and from Robbi Rodriguez artwork makes this book an immediate likable. Its funny when you put her in the middle and go from there is quite astonishing and brings a new perspective to the character of Gwen Stacy.

There are also other interesting characters you might see from Earth-65 every time you turn the pages of Spider-Gwen #1, and all you need is to suit your curiosity to get the book. The first issue is not going to be just a walk in the city of New York as Gwen struggles to be the superhero and at the same time drummer to a band that composed the song “Face it, Tiger.”

This is going to be big thanks to the followers of Spider-Gwen that Marvel is expanding and extending this sort of “What If?” world of Gwen Stacy. Some of you might hate or adore the new series and in the coming months of rebooting the entire Marvel Universe let’s hope it’s not too late to include this series to exist.

Pick it up now before you run out of copies at your nearest comic shop!

RATED: 4 Out of 5 Web Cartridges

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