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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

DM Minion Made: Hula Minion!

02.10.2015 – The Minions are crazy little yellow-skinned hardworking people. Its Gru’s personal army that became more popular than their master. They literally stole the show from Gru who is the lead character in Despicable Me and its sequel.

Now news is that a spinoff revealing their origins are in the works simply titled “Minions” is so apt you don’t need to mention their name. Thinkway Toys produced variations and size of the characters. But the small scale line definitely was a hit that they produced various themes including the Hawaiian Minions like this Hula dancer.

You can definitely laugh at the hilarity of these characters. Though they almost look the same their personality varies from what they find interesting. The “Minions” have built a franchise that got them in the spotlight for being gibberish and hilarious.

The poseable figures where very much detailed, but what was popular where the Happy Meal toys. But their not as close to the scale for the Gru action figure unlike the ones produced by Thinkway, which made them all the more collectible that has become in-demand.

Several themes where featured but in the second wave release there was the Hawaiian theme that features the Ukelele and Hula Minions. You can’t get one for the other very much a pair that you can have a conversation piece that no one has. The Hula Minion is one of them because he’s ‘hula dancing.’

This is supposed to be paired with the Ukelele Minion and in his dancing pose you can’t just have this all by its lonesome. The arms are articulated but no elbow joints and this figure is already in a hula pose. This was based from another toyline from Funko with almost similar appearance but larger in scale.

But the Funko version doesn’t have a Ukelele Minion to paired with, which takes away the theme to be just a one off figure in this character. The Thinkway version needs to be paired just like the Lead and Backup Minions.

Hula dancing Minion is sculpted just right with details from the grass skirt down to the flowers on his head that also include the quality that emphasize the signature goggles as definite familiarity of the character.

Overall this figure can’t stand on its own without being partnered with the Ukelele Minion. Thinkway should have it packed together just like the other themed poseable figures that stands out from the others. The Hula Minion is definite must have together with the Ukelele Minion if you’re not into having all of them.

Despicable ME Minion Made: Hula Minion is produced by Thinkway Toys and it’s sold currently in retail stores in Australia for $15.00 AU dollars.

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