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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Avengers Movie Series: Hawkeye!

03.10.2015 – Action figures these days has been on a decline with comes to quality much so the interest is now being marketed now straightforward to its “Age 5 & Up” category, while expanding the product that would also cater to collectors.

When Marvel’s Avengers was about to be released in cinemas Hasbro released their “3.75 inch” figures, but it was not easily accepted due to the quality of the figures having them include oversized weaponry. Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye was one of them figures that didn’t actually look like the actor, but still everyone bought it to build the Avengers.

Previously it was been reviewed and dissected in much detail like any other figure released from the same line. They also have thrown in their comic book counterparts, which also included the oversized projectile weapons and even work its way around the functionality of the figure.

Of course when you think of the Avengers the four main characters that made the team was Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man and Thor. Then add two non-super powered members in Hawkeye and Black Widow, which was introduced as S.H.I.E.L.D. operatives in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to complement the roster.

In the comic books Hawkeye was originally introduced as one of Iron Man’s antagonist dating back to September 1964 release of Tales of Suspense #57, which he doesn’t seem to be the same guy that first appeared in the live action Thor from 2011. But to define Clint Barton the character has to be grounded and you have this S.H.I.E.L.D. agent addressed by his real name.

Bows and Quivers

The action figure released doesn’t look exactly Jeremy Renner, but close enough that you have yourself a “3.75 inch” Clint Barton a.k.a “Marvel’s Hawkeye” from The Avengers Movie Series that have three oversized arrows, launcher, and two quivers.

You’d be surprised that this figure came with two quivers as you might loose one at least you got another, but there are also a reason why they included two. The black launcher has a small hole where the peg in the middle any of the quivers can be attached. So you got one “normal” type quiver with no strings and another with a launcher attached to it, where you can use any of the three red oversized arrows.

Surprisingly if you have to choose between Black Widow and Hawkeye better get the “HawkGuy” as it has more accurate weapons even though the other quiver has a functional gimmick to play with oversized spring loaded arrows.

Clint in Action Barton

You look closely there’s nothing so Jeremy Renner about this figure, but it has some resemblance in some angles though entirely he’s not. After this was released a Marvel Legends 6 inch version was produced closely resembling the actor and had better quality as it’s more marketed to collectors. But for someone on a budget and no immediate access to Marvel Legends this “3.75 inch” version is enough to deal with some baddies and even other properties that have the same scale in the Hasbro brand.

The articulation is not close enough to the same scale Marvel Universe release, but it represents the live action version of Clint Barton a.k.a. which has less opportunity for you to have him displayed with cool action poses.

Not bad for having slight big ball joints for his thighs that look odd, but you won’t notice it. The other downer on this figure is that his backpack is permanently glued, and you won’t see any arrows falling off as it’s just for cosmetic appearance that he has this accessory. For any collector it’s a disappointment, but for any kid who saw the film they won’t even bother about the details as long as Hawkeye saves the day.

Not a Regular Avenger

Overall Marvel’s Hawkeye has good details but not entirely great due to that it was originally marketed to “Ages 5 & Up” for the reason the quality is not on the same level as the Marvel Universe releases on the same scale. But good enough to represent the live action version of the character though not entirely have Jeremy Renner’s angles.

It was released in the same wave with Black Widow with oversized accessories and this might be the last you’ll ever see Hasbro release this on a “3.75 inch” scale. Hasbro is currently having new Avengers Age of Ultron in a smaller scale which will feature more play activity and is another story to share.

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