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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Philippine Garrison Promotes #SaveKidsLives2015!

05.05.2015 – The Philippine Garrison known publicly as the Pinoy 501st Legion of Star Wars hobbyist dressing up as the Empire’s Stormtrooper is not just wearing the costumes and parading just like in the films.

They also promote advocacies and campaigns in inspiring the younger generation representing the Philippines and also helping the community. Disney & Lucasfilms have seen how the Star Wars community has a big impact in helping the less fortunate.

So in celebration of the annual Star Wars Day known as “May the 4th Be You” several members of the 501st Legion all over the world makes a pledge in inspiring and helping the community with various advocacies that matter, which brings attention what they stand for to help everyone informed.

In the Philippines the Pinoy 501st Legion now official the Philippine Garrison has something to “troop for” every year and for 2015 it’s about #SaveKidsLives.

Advocating: #SaveKidsLives

For this year’s advocacy campaign that the Philippine Garrison is about awareness concerning Road Safety for kids thus the hash tag: #SaveKidsLives is being promoted for motorists to be aware keeping their children safe.

This actually a worldwide and official campaign for the Third United Nations Global Road Safety Week (From May 4 to 10, 20105) where the details emphasis by highlighting the plight of the children on the roads;

The campaign also pushes to generate worldwide action to better ensure the safety of children on the road. This also includes calling for inclusion of safe and sustainable transport in the post-2015 development agenda as being the main goal for this campaign that’s being promoted by everyone through a signage that has the hash tag and what every individual who supports this awareness.

Fans of the Force

Of course this was launched in the Philippines on May 1, 2015 an event held at the SM Southmall led by the Philippine Garrison of the 501st, an international organization of Star Wars fans who dress up as the villains from the film franchise, supported the cause of #SaveKidsLives campaign.

The event launched the celebration May the 4th which is considered Star Wars Day by fans of the franchise all over the world. Locally, the “holiday” is spearheaded by The Philippine Garrison of the 501st. Known as the Bad Guys Who Do Good, members of the 501st wear their costumes at events in order to raise funds for charity, especially children's causes.

For more details about the campaign LIKE Save Kids Lives on Facebook and visit the official site at:

The Philippine Garrison of the 501st Legion is also a non-profit group of Star Wars fans and to see their next trooping LIKE Pinoy 501st on Facebook and follow on Instagram!

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