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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Happy Meal SG 2015: Is "Happy" Ready for Asia?

05.05.2015 – Nobody would bother or even notice that McDonald’s portfolio is changing since March 24th’s “ImLovinIt” campaign that united 24 countries to promoting this event means the Philippines “Love Ko To’” is now “I’m Lovin It.”

Not only that if you looked closely at the recent Happy Meal featuring “Home” and “Shaun the Sheep” the background display has a prominent face in the brand that appeared in Australia and parts of Europe...

This image of a new face for Happy Meal is none other than “Happy” the controversial mascot has been around since 2009 first introduced in France, Latin America and the rest of Europe. It received criticisms in the US last year through social media heavily commented on Twitter.

Happy spotted behind the featured Shaun the Sheep toys.

The Happy Meal box with a pair of bulging eyes and a huge mouth with arms and legs have been spotted in Happy Meal displays in the Philippines in the background.

Back in September 2013 this particular character was officially introduced in Australia with 16 different personalities that depicts Happy as an Astronaut to a fun loving Surfer that can mix n’ match each figurines accessories.

A week ago starting April 24, 2015 Singapore has already started introducing the Happy Meal toys featuring Happy but only half of the 16 characters where only introduced. Could this be slowly coming to the rest of Asia that includes Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines?

This video will explain the character named “Happy” courtesy of McDonald’s Singapore followed by the eight versions that you need to collect:

McDonald's Singapore introduce "Happy" as its featured toy from April 23rd to May 20, 2015

“Happy” featured toys for Happy Meal in Singapore is already starting April 24, 2015 and more details just LIKE McDonald's SG on Facebook!

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  1. I'm lovin' that astronaut version of Happy! I wish McDo would get back to making toys based on their old characters, but this newer Happy character is better than constantly churning out movie based toys. I'm on the fence.