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Monday, June 15, 2015

Happy Meal PH 2015: Minions Exclusive Box!

06.15.2015 – McDonald’s Philippines has announced earlier that they have started taking pre-orders for the exclusive TEN Minions, which is also the same versions that will be released across the rest of Asia.

But this is the first time the Philippines is giving everyone the opportunity to get them all at once, which is a convenience to take home a set without the need to eat…

For a complete set of Minions one might also have an exclusive container for all of ten of them, which some stores have already set them for you to see that there is a booth where to arrange your pre-order.

This is a first in the Philippines they organized how to release the complete set of Minions without the hassle of tracking all ten characters. For those who would remember it also takes you back to 1998, where they released a special edition of the United Nations of Snoopy consisting of 28 different countries.

Back then you need to track them down so for convenience to everyone McDonald’s Philippines release a special edition where you don’t need to wait to complete them in a month. This is how they approach a slight similar concept on how to release a complete set of Minions. Just like the United Nations of Snoopy set the Minions will have an exclusive window-type box for you to have them easily displayed in your toy shelf.

This yellow box can be found immediately to the set up table where you can register and pre-order all ten Minions. Its quite an attractive set up, and no this is not the a regular Happy Meal box that you see in the counter.

The yellow box is wide enough to have all ten Minions, and the image of the Asian released can be seen printed at the back while the front features the window where you can see all ten. But at the store that we manage to see this does not have a Minion on display as announced it will be released on the 25th of June.

McDo Happy Meal Minions released in Asia have TEN characters and will be released in the Philippines on June 25, 2015. Malaysia has already started their release of the series, but for further inquiries about the pre-order in the Philippines LIKE McDo PH on Facebook!

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