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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

HW Tooned 57 of 250: The Jetsons Capsule Car!

06.16.2015 – The future is a great possibility for imaginations when it comes to technology and what would define that era. This is also where those talented science fiction writers mine their ideas for a good story and yes the future is optimistic.

There’s one science fiction that catered to everyone and that’s The Jetsons, which is the complete opposite of The Flintstones. Hot Wheels produced the Flintstone car in 2013 of course you can’t have one for the other so they produced Capsule car in 2014.

The Jetsons is iconic as The Flintstones produced by Hanna-Barbera studios, which was syndicated in Cartoon Network’s Boomerang. There’s a lot of technology back in 1962 which was not invented yet and the animated sitcom was ahead during its time.

But one iconic element of The Jetsons is their technology and with that they have the aero vehicle known as the Capsule Car that the family uses. Just like the Flintstones prehistoric vehicle the Jetsons have their way of transport. Even Hot Wheels have the details at the back of the 2014-card below:

Born: 2062

Birthplace: Orbit City

Designer: Hanna-Barbera

Specialty: Bubble-top aero sedan with rear fin, undercarriage landing gear and the ability to fold itself into a handheld suitcase. It was designed for family space travel in the late 21st Century.

The Future of Wheels

The Jetsons Capsule car was originally released by Hot Wheels in 2014 numbered 90 of 250 part of the HW City sub-line HW Tooned II with a different translucent wheel type: 5SP (5-Spoke) and the first releases have the description on the back of the card, while follow up doesn’t have any information.

There was two follow-up release of the Capsule car, which include the close to accurate version that part of the Retro Entertainment line that didn’t have translucent wheels instead it comes with a translucent blue stand to simulate the car is hovering.

Its second release being considered under the 2015 line is the same as the first only this time the card back is slightly altered with a ‘Showdown’ bar app for you to play the game. But outside the US its only allows you to scan this barcode to see the car in the digital checklist at website.

Capsule Difference

For the second release of the Capsule car difference is not in color or slight variation of the casting it’s noticeable by its translucent wheels and its 57 of 250 under the HW City HW Tooned sub-line. The latest version has clear OH5 of Open Hole 5-Spoke, which is similar to the way they released the Snoopy car in 2014. First Hot Wheels released Snoopy with 5SP type tires on the second release they changed it with OH5 wheels.

The same goes with the Jetsons Capsule Car since they can’t change the iconic color unlike what they did with the Flinstones car. You won’t notice the difference if you’re just after the Capsule car and both versions have clear wheels. Unless you take a second look on the difference and the slight difference of the card back art.

The Jetsons Capsule car is the most recognizable vehicle in that series that by all matter of breaking the law of physics can turn into Geroge Jetsons’ suitcase. The appearance might not translate perfectly in diecast car form (with the exception to the Retro Entertainment version) but it definitely captures attention to those who grew up watching the series even though it lasted three seasons.

Hot Wheels is retailed in the Philippines for PhP 99.75 pesos which are locally distributed by Rich Prime.

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