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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Toy Photography TEN Best Picks: June 2015!

07.01.2015 – Another month has ended and there are TEN Best Picks for the month of June 2015. For those innovative, imaginative and playful with their creations this is where the best can be seen showing their passion for Toy Photography.

There has been a lot of ‘Toy Photography’ related groups out there, but this community founded in 2007 has been around to share the concept.

There have been themed for cuteness but it will always revolve in the ‘One Picture Narrative’ concept.

It’s a simple approach based upon integrating toy characters into real-life situations through the use of forced perspective in carefully crafted scenes. It can be indoors, outdoors or having the time to set up a well-crafted diorama.

The photo should not only focus on the featured subject, but the background plays a crucial part in telling a story in one image without the excessive photo manipulation. But the best shots are always come from natural environment and the lighting of course. It may not be perfect but once you nailed the best shot then you got it.

For last month’s ‘TEN Best Picks’ here are the photos from June 2015:

Photo by Arnel Aquino

Photo by Ram Morales

Photo by Bin Zki

Photo by Geejay Plamenco

Photo by Mark Gatus

Photo by Kay Stevenson

Photo by Faro K. Rasyid

Photo by Bernard William Patty

Photo by Marlo Demo-Os

Photo by Clear Sardoncillo

Toy Photography in the Philippines has a local community and can you join the group on Facebook as well as LIKE the Fan Page or follow them on Twitter at: @ToyPhotography

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