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Saturday, September 19, 2015

APCC Manila 2015: Guest & Signing Area Experience!

09.19.2015 – Asia Pop Comicon Manila continues this weekend and the crowd build-up starts today. One of the highlights for this event is the announced guests, which you’ll meet either at the Guest Area or the scheduled Signing Area.

All systems go yesterday when APCC Manila opened its doors to the public on a Friday. But the build up will definitely happen today as most of the fans are looking forward to the Captain America: Civil War teaser but the guests here are the highlight.

When you step into the World Trade Center Hall you feel like being transported to international conventions in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore or event in Hong Kong.

But entirely this is held in the Philippines, which it’s first ever and considered international comicon. There’s no other show locally can be compared to this event not until some of them adopt the elements and incorporate to their event.

Guest Area

One element that surely that will be adapted i in other local events is the Guest Area, where most of the established comic book artists, toy designers, cosplay personalities, and internet celebrities are located.

You might have seen them in conventions in Indonesia and Singapore expect that others will incorporate this concept. This events highlights more about the guests to get the best fan experience everyone will be ever have and its not based entirely in sellers and having a photo of participating cosplayers who just walked in this event.

The value you pay to be in a comicon is the guests those who you expect to see in this event they are here. From international comic artists like David Mack, David Yardin and Whilce Portacio to visual artist and toy designers Amanda Spayd, Chris Ryniak and J*Ryu is certainly worth the price of admission. There never was any place in the past 15 years that actually had put a convention with this calibre and Asia Pop Comicon has certainly brought in the big guns to this event.

Signing Area

Besides the guest area you get to interact with them via the Signing Area (in other conventions it’s known as the ‘Walk of Fame’), where the featured artists is scheduled to sign their works of the event program that where given away. There are four tables set up where volunteers assist you to line up and get to meet them and have the photo opportunity too.

For internet personality Comicbookgirl19 she’s one of the coolest guests who not only sign your program she also hands out a signed photo of her. Commander Holly another internet personality was there to greet you with a smile. CB Cebulski on the other hand doesn’t have a table at t guest area, but he’s there at the signing area to look at local talents to employ for Marvel same with Hank Kanalz for DC Comics who is like a ninja since he’s difficult to find.

Fan Experience

Truly this is how the ‘Fan Experience’ happens and certainly why conventions all around the world have this concept as one of the highlights for a convention that caters to popular culture. It’s organized that people can get their moment with the artists they follow and now the Philippines have seen it.

Definitely expect this brand of experience adapted by local conventions and even before you know it APCC Manila has already changed the landscape on how a comicon or any particular fan convention is being run.

Asia Pop Comicon Manila is happening on September 17-20, 2015 at the World Trade Center in Pasay City. For more about this event LIKE APCC Manila on Facebook, follow on Instagram, and on Twitter at: @AsiaPopComicon

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