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Saturday, September 19, 2015

APCC Manila 2015: Pokket Vampire & Live Toy Design!

09.19.2015 – Besides launching ‘The Crystal Key’ during Asia Pop Comicon’s ‘Media Day’, J★RYU has another surprise that can be found in this event. He also launches a teaser for his next project, which would eventually his new Art Toy.

He mostly spent the day at the Guest Area meeting new faces and introducing the Art Collectible or namely the Vinyl Toy few have seen by mainstream aside from the ever growing popularity of the Funko Pop. But the Pokket Vampire is new for you to see…

In the far corner hall of the Guest Area J★RYU sits on a table with unpainted resin Art Toys that he is currently working on. Beside his table is the final product of ‘The Crystal Key’ which is collaboration between kid robot that will be released in November of this year.

He rarely gets much attention seated along Chris Ryniak and Amanda Spayd two other visual artists who have their own originally produced Art Collectibles. But mostly J★RYU is hands-on you’ll see him work out his magic with regard to his next project that would eventually expand introducing several more characters based from this line of Art Toys. There are curious individuals passing by, but there was one kid who wants to try and build his own Art Toy via the use of clay.

J★RYU obliges to try his hand and the kid pulls out a mini-tablet with an image of Sonic, The Hedgehog. At the same time he’s painting one could be the ‘Pokket Vampire’ that seemingly having pudding on top of his head.

‘Pokket Vampire’

He says the ‘Pokket Vampire’ is a teaser for bigger things to come. This creature of the night doesn’t prey the human flesh but eats up mostly the food just like on his head. J★RYU has mentioned this during his sit-down interview on ‘Media Day’ that it will be his next independent project.

As he continues to work wondering how the price point for a ‘Pokket Vampire’ should be worth in the Philippine peso, since he has not decided yet. But he will put a price on it once he’s done. Right now he’s enjoying too much interaction among local con goers who never have been into an international convention.

Finished Product

A few hours later as J★RYU pose for a photo together with the young talent who decided to put together his first ever Sonic, The Hedgehog in clay form you can see how mighty proud that his influence on those who would be interested in this artistry.

It’s rare that you see toy designers like J★RYU be taken notice, but outside the Philippines he has already carve a name for himself and it’s not too late for this country to follow suit with this kind of interest.

As for the ‘Pokket Vampire’ he’s almost done and its only Friday since there are less people unlike what’s going to happen on a Saturday and Sunday. For now J★RYU is appreciative that he has found new faces that would hopefully follow his foot steps.

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