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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

APCC Manila 2015: Media Day Sights & Highlights!

09.16.2015 – Asia Pop Comicon Manila ‘Media Day’ has given the media a sneak preview what to expect for this event.

The press conference has a lot of surprises aside from the announced guests featuring Linda Le aka Vampy Bit Me and J*Ryu.

The surprise for ‘Media Day’ of course is Jeremy Shada, who is voice behind Finn the Human in Adventure Time and his band Make Out Monday.

The other guest to grace on a Tuesday afternoon is Allison Harvard from Asia’s Next Top Model.

It was indeed a packed Salon De Ning at the Peninsula Manila, where all media from the geek community and well known print and television converged to witness what would be the biggest fan convention event in the Philippines. Universal Events & Entertainment made sure this is going to be one event to make history and change the future landscape on how conventions are being organized outside the country.

Besides the guests there are also exhibitors who would participate in this event that have Ban Kee Trading the local distributor for Bandai and Takara Tomy, Comicave Studios and Filbar’s. But just like any convention outside the Philippines the highlight is the guests who graced the stage during ‘Media Day’, which was hosted by Magic 89.9 FM’s Nikko Ramos who was also geeking out on everything that APCC Manila has to offer and he definitely says this is going to be a big one.

The event started with a mock up phone patch by Nikko Ramos talking to Jeremy Shada who eventually walked on stage. Finn the Human wowed the crowd in awe especially fans of Cartoon Network’s hit animated series Adventure Time. This was certainly a treat that fans will look forward to in the coming days.

He spoke to Nikko about his first trip to the country where he arrived eight hours earlier with his band Make Out Monday who where introduced following with a sit down talk in front of the media that continued clicking and recoding through their cameras and mobile phones.

Then the rest of the Make Out Monday came on-stage to join Shada and talked about the band and their exclusive EP, which they will perform during APCC Manila. It was revealed the band was formed more than half a year ago and also features Jeremy Shada’s brother Zack with friends Logan Charles, John Spicer, and Seth Renken.

After Make Out Monday did a short a cappella of their single Nikko Ramos formally introduced J*Ryu, Linda Le aka Vampy Bit Me, and Allison Harvard. First off J*Ryu revealed his latest project collaborating with kid robot in introducing The Crystal Key, which will be available in November and he also mentioned its already available fro pre-order that this is also the final product on preview during media day.

Vampy Bit Me was excited to make the trip for APCC Manila and this is her first which claims has sampled some of the food already. She was very delighted and felt appreciative of the Filipinos warm welcome to her. For Allison Harvard it’s more like returning to her second home as she was here for two years prior during her participation for Asia’s Next Top Model. It was a surreal moment for Harvard back again for APCC Manila and reminiscing her first trip to the country.

After the on-stage interview Nikko calls back Jeremy Shada and Make Out Monday to have a photo opportunity in front of the media. This followed with individual sit-down interview with all guests in their individual area.

Acknowledgements to LENS Blogs Community and Krisis Komix for additional coverage of the event during ‘Media Day’ for Asia Pop Comicon Manila!

Asia Pop Comicon Manila is happening on September 17-20, 2015 at the World Trade Center in Pasay City. For more about this event LIKE APCC Manila on Facebook, follow on Instagram, and on Twitter at: @AsiaPopComicon

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