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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Komikon 2015: What You Missed on Day 1!

11.14.2015 – The one thing to describe Komikon 2015 is diversity. For the past ten years IT IS about the local comic books that where being produced and exclusively released in the this particular event.

But over the years it organically evolves on its own becoming THE Convention local and foreign visitors go to annually. Now on its 11th year they have finally delivered the promise to becoming a two-day event!

Komikon’s first day was defined as a ‘Fiesta of Komiks’ with so little time to catch your breath and money in absorbing not only the atmosphere, but what the exhibitors has to offer. To keep you sane for the rest of the day you must carry a guide with you that will give you a sure amount of titles to choose from.

This particular progam known as the ‘Komikon 2015 Event Catalog’ is being given away when you enter the halls of the Bayanihan Center. The program is actually free just look for it at the assigned personnel who has it at the main entrance.

But what made the first day of Komikon so diverse that is slowly growing within the event is that some of the newly released ‘komiks’ was released with its own merchandise. It has happened before but now this has expanded to add flavour to the comics-centric event and continue to have something new to see as the pioneer event that brought back the interest regarding the local comics.

There have been highlights of the event but there are also noticeable exhibitors that might catch your attention when you head to the second and last day of Komikon:

Pancho Karambola’s Gekorr

Graphic artist and illustrator Milo Ezel Buñao is an ‘old school’ soul when it comes to what the kids of the 1980s and 1990s had grown up being exposed to local culture. Milo is a Japanese Sentai fan an Otaku at heart who also grew up seeing classic Filipino-made iconic films and comic books.

He created Gekorr his science fiction-based comic book series that has inspirations from the monsters of the 1950s. But how he marketed his wares would impress you and the concept that you haven’t seen in a long time.

Besides the Gekorr comic book that he’s selling there’s a trading card version of the book. In the Philippines is a form of card game called ‘teks’ where the comic book panels where turned into trading cards, but not the old Filipino-style size cards. These American-size trading cards are the same concept as the old ‘teks’ cards from back in the day that some might not seen it, but for those who grew up with it will recall that it was one of the old stuff that was being use for the ‘teks’ card games in the streets.

There are also old masks that he’s also selling and you can only see him on the last day of Komikon at the ‘Indie Tiangge’ with the rest of the small-business self published works located across the Conference rooms E and F.

Rico Rival Inspiring at Komik Kalye

Rico Rival is one of the pioneering artists who made a jump to work for one of the Big Two publishers in the US. For those who haven’t heard about Mr. Rival should know him more as he gave an inspiring speech during his talk at the Conference E about his sacrifices and how he made it to the American Comic Book Industry.

He also talked about why Filipinos back in the day where relegated to just doing ink work and how he manage to still make it on its own. Mr. Rival is one of the Filipino-based artists who also dabbled in animation working as a designer and storyboard artist on Transformers: The Movie and the designer for the 3rd season of the animated TV series and is semi-retired illustrator who still attends local comic conventions in the Philippines.

Planetary Studios

They sell comic books but they are a studio that produces statues based from your design. This is their first Komikon and you might want to drop by and inquire further details on what they can do for you.

TANODS at Komikon

For those who haven’t heard about this slice of life drama-comedy series that was first aired on TV5’s online site and on YouTube you must be missing something. For those who has appreciated in seeing the first season of the series it might be the most underrated shows on Philippine television as it is also aired on TV5 after the first season ended.

It’s from the same production company that brought you Blue Bustamante and the PaperBug TV that airs Bogart the Explorer: From Davao City episodes on YouTube. They are now at Komikon to sell their wares like ‘nuk books’, limited edition ‘Totally Awesome Exercises’ an adult activity book, and “Player 1 Payer 2 Komik Fun Time Special Edition” that’s getting the word-of-mouth as one of the best locally produced comic books sold at this event plus Tanods Stickers too.

One-Day Chippy Event

Chippy one of the sponsors at Komikon has a giant Jenga-like game in the area. They also have a photobooth and selling new flavors of Chippy snack. They also giving away samples too which feature some of their new products, but the Jenga-like game is the one you’ll first notice when you enter the convention hall.

They where only there for the first day and if you’ve been to their booth surely the experience playing a giant Jenga-like game is something you’ll recall in this year’s Komikon Saturday event.

The Sea of Komiks

If you haven’t gone to the first day of Komikon you still have your chance to be at the Bayanihan Center in Unilab complex for day 2. The perspective will astound you and here are some images what’s a ‘Fiesta of Komiks’ are all about:

Komikon 2015 is happening on November 14-15, 2015 at the Bayaniohan Center in Manadaluyong City. For more about this event LIKE Komikon on Facebook!

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