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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Toys Sightings: Star Wars Model Kits by Bandai!

12.13.2015 – The Force of Star Wars is very strong for its merchandise dating back to the action figures Kenner produced in a Christmas-less 1977 that where eventually released the following year.

But all said and done “The Force Awakens” has enough merchandise since “Force Friday” unleashed in September and Bandai adds the model kit ships to the roster.

Japanese toy company Bandai is globally known for producing model kits for their flag ship product Gundam and diecast Super Robots for their Soul of Chogokin toyline has been producing Star Wars related model kits too.

But with the forth coming seventh Star Wars film with “The Force Awakens” they re-dedicated their model kit line featuring the ships and other vehicles for the galaxy from far away. The new line of model kits featuring the old vehicles and ships, which also include those you’ll be seeing in the new film.

They where official displayed at Toy Town December 10th, which was followed by major local stores Toy Kingdom and Toys R’ us having varied price point. There have been three versions of the X-Wing model kit that where also release, but the bigger one has more detailed and based on the classic that where seen in the original Star Wars trilogy.

The other model kits also have Boba Fett’s Slave-1 first appearing in Empire Strikes Back, AT-ST the two-legged walkers seen in Return of the Jedi, along with the Y-Wing Starfighter, Tie Fighter, and Tie Advance X1 with a in-scale Darth Vader figurine. The newer model kits have Resistance X-Wing Fighter, and the Millennium Falcon with the new rectangular dish array.

Look for more of them at major stores for those who aspire to build and customized these ships and vehicles from the Star Wars Universe from Bandai.

These are distributed in the Philippines by Ban Kee Toys For details LIKE Bankee Toys on Facebook!

Visit: Bankeetoys.Com.PH

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