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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Old Man Logan #1: Berserker!

01.30.2016 – Wolverine has been dead since late 2014 and Marvel killed one of their flagship characters in comicbooks if you’re not keeping track. Now they have “Old Man Logan” an aging version of Wolverine that came from the future what the?!

After the events of “Secret Wars” this wasn’t one of those series that you’ll expect. Yes, James Howlett has been dead encased in adamantium and was killed off in the “Death of Wolverine” saga how can you explain a long deceased mutant come back from the future? But the of course this is in the comicbooks and everything is possible in this medium that the idea of Logan coming back is from an alternate future.

This time around he comes back with a fit of rage that only an “Old Man Logan” would do, but its unexplained how did he make it to the present time prior to the what dark future he came from. The narrative for this new series is that he came from the future where all the villains have figured it out and defeated the heroes from his time where he became a family man and a farmer.

But the stories of his future where told in flashbacks and more on how he tries to figure out who sent him to the present time as what he claims to be that the villains where led by none other than Bruce Banner, the original Incredible Hulk?

Jeff Lemire certainly crafted a good story that still leaves everyone having doubts IF this is the real Logan who died recently or just another type of storytelling similar to how they brought back Jean Grey who turned up to be from the past. But with “Old Man Logan” its one of the underrated series nobody seemed to bother since everyone thinks this is just another a ‘fill-in’ on making sure the ‘present’ Wolverine stays dead and bring a similar character from an alternate future to tell its story.

It’s a brilliant concept of an old familiar character and put him as a ‘man out of time’ where he was brought back to the present time unrelated to the one that died. Interesting enough “Old Man Logan” could be from an alternate future of Earth, but it’s too early to speculate and he only cares right now is taking down the villains who killed his family and this something new to the Wolverine mythology that everyone has gotten used to but still not the one you’ll expect to follow.

Like all Wolverine stories this one doesn’t follow the tradition as you see an “Old Man Logan” trying to avoid a ‘future’s end’ to his timeline. The next issue isn’t going to be an easy kill as the last page reveal it he has to contend to taking down the big one namely the Hulk, but this one isn’t as incredibly familiar but totally awesome.

RATED: 3 Out of 5 Stars

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