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Friday, January 8, 2016

The Simpsons Couch Gag: LA-Z Rider Pure Nostalgia!

01.08.2016 - For all the parodies that The Simpsons have accomplished this latest couch gag is as wonderful as the 1980s nostalgia for all the action aficionados out there. On its 27th season The Simpsons still does its best at parodies.

The “LA-Z Rider” is getting quite a trending on social media for its electric 1980s vibe inspired from Knight Rider and Miami Vice at the cent of it all is none other than The Simpsons’ Homer J. Simpsons with some friends…

A marriage of pop culture reference “LA-Z Rider” takes a look at The Simpsons opening couch gag into the world of parodies from the classic action shows with a little bit of muscular mayhem in the mix.

The Couch Gag from "Teenage Mutant Milk-Caused Hurdles" episodes sees Homer as a gun toting suave with his couch talking well-armed side kick taking on the bad guys like a muscle toned Ned Flanders and shows the other characters from the world of The Simpsons if they where taken seriously…

The Simpsons airs on Fox Television in the US if you’re in Asia or in Europe check your local listings and cable affiliates for show times.

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