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Monday, February 1, 2016

Guide to the MCU: Captain America #1 (2016)

02.01.2016 – For those who just got interested in watching the “Marvel Cinematic Universe” or anxious for the release of “Captain America: Civil War” a few months from now probably you may need a refresher. Marvel of course was gracious enough to publish a guide book for their films and its also an interesting book that gives you an idea comparing their characters to the comicbooks.

This might be the first of many guide books that Marvel would be publishing, but for every Captain America fan this might be the book you’re looking for. Indeed this is one book that might clear up things between the characters your not familiar with. So to give you an idea what goes in and around the “Marvel Cinematic Universe” they have published a book featuring Captain America from the movie and the comparisons with their comicbook counterparts.

It’s quite an interesting book that covers the origin of Steve Rogers to his evolution as the last and only surviving super soldier. This also features articles about his trademark shield, vehicles as well as his arch nemesis the Red Skull. Some of the elements in the books are taken from “Captain America: The First Avenger.”

The colorful glossy pages are worth every penny for a Captain America fan who wants to keep this as a reference guide and also for the newbie who just catching up with the films. The articles here also feature the comicbook characters how they are different from their movie counterparts. The interesting one that would catch your attention is how Steve Rogers awakes in the modern times as the end credit scene of the said film featuring Nick Fury.

This synopsis will give you an idea what’s inside this book:

Captain America takes center stage as the MCU Guidebooks’ comprehensive coverage of the fan-favorite Marvel Studios films and Marvel TV shows continues! Look back on the dark days of World War II as we declassify the secrets of Project Rebirth! Featuring fact sheets, movie-to-comic comparisons and production stills, this issue is packed with profiles of Steve “Captain America” Rogers himself; patriotic allies including Bucky Barnes, Peggy Carter, Dr. Abraham Erskine and the Howling Commandos; enemies of liberty including Hydra, Arnim Zola and the Red Skull; and updates on Howard Stark and Nick Fury! Plus: Cap’s mighty shield! The Tesseract! Yggdrasil the World-Tree! And more! Relive the big-screen thrills of Marvel’s Captain America: The First Avenger right here, and continue building your indispensable library of Cinematic Universe reference books!

It’s a great read for those who followed the comicbooks and recently interested ones who first saw the films. If you haven’t wandered off to your nearest comic shop its already available so grab a copy before they sold out!

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