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Saturday, February 6, 2016

LEGO® Unveils 'New Ghostbusters!'

02.06.2016 – Ahead of the new Ghostbusters film that Paul Feig that he’s directing which stars Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon with Chris Hemsworth the LEGO® group took to twitter to reveal the new set.

If you want to avoid further spoilers since the new trailer won’t be officially released in a months time might as well look away from the toys that may carry some revelations about the new reboot. There's some interesting plot points that might be a potential spoiler for anyone looking forward to seeing this film.

Are you still there? Surprisingly LEGO® just unveiled a new set based on the Ghostbusters by Paul Feig and just like any blockbuster franchise the merchandise usually is revealed that might potentially give you an idea what the actors’ role or portrayal in the said upcoming film.

For instance in the new LEGO® reveal the ECTO-1 and the ECTO-2 driven by resident Ghostbusters receptionist Kevin portrayed by Chris Hemsworth. But this is not the first time a merchandise based on the new film is revealed as director Paul Feig himself has posted an image of the action figures based on the characters portrayed by the four women.

But knowing LEGO® being the top toy brand in 2015 everyone will keep an eye on this new set based on the new film to accompany the classic Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters that was recently released featuring the classic characters.

This one of course is the Ghostbusters of this generation and the LEGO® set is probably one of the first merchandise coming out based on the new film.

Ghostbusters is set to be released in North America on July 15, 2016 from Sony Pictures and will be released in Asia from Columbia Pictures Studio.

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