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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Toy Sightings: Taraka Tomy's Zootopia!

02.07.2016 – “Zootopia” is heading to cinemas this month, but only a few have seen the teaser posters and trailers. For those who only have seen a glimpse of this Disney film you might be surprised that there’s merchandise based on the said animated film.

You’ll be happy to know that from the same toy company that brought you Inside Out, Takara Tomy is also behind the upcoming Disney 3D animated feature in “Zootopia” which has been sighted in retail stores this past week.

There are plushies and role playing toys, but for those anticipating the movie surely would get down and collect the playsets, vehicles, and the action figures that comes with all the bells and whistles.

Its time for “Zootopia” to get the spotlight that has been shine upon this new film from Disney. The toys are well-made the little girls out there would definitely be interested in Judy Hops and that’s why Takara Tomy produced role playing toys based on her badge and recordable carrot pen.

If that wasn’t enough to excite you the plush toys featuring the two main characters are also available too. But the action figure junkie in you would be interesting in getting all the characters from the film itself.

Beside the action figures some of them comes with vehicles, playsets, and an exclusive pack depicting one particular scene (SPOILERS!), but if you’re still excited to see the film and not bother about the plot scenes here’s a closer look of the entire merchandise produced by Takara Tomy:

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