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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Movie Review: DEADPOOL!

02.10.2016 – Deadpool hits cinemas today and there has been positive news lately about the said film.

This has been a long time coming for the fans who had hope Ryan Reynolds would reprise this character from “X-Men Origins: Wolverine.”

It took a very long process with the help of that particular CGI clip that was leaked from almost three years ago.

And how here the final product set to debut globally with this film Reynolds’ career is reinvigorated a love letter to the fans that supported it.

This was actually overdue for those who felt disappointed about the character’s turn out towards the end of X-Men Origins when they turned Deadpool into a lifeless killing machine that has ANY connection to the comic book character Rob Liefield and Fabian Nicieza has created during their run on the New Mutants series.

But the leaked CGI clip from which inspired the upcoming film sealed the deal that would make “Deadpool” another franchise 20th Century Fox is hoping to bank for and from the teasers, promotional clips, posters, and movie trailer it garnered a cult following even before it was shown in cinemas all over the world. Ryan Reynolds did not stop at the mockery of his failed attempt on Green Lantern wanting nothing of the super suit being green or animated it also made fun of the film itself and the studio that produced “Deadpool” and just like the title character it was expected that Wade Wilson would break the fourth wall more than enough times you’ve seen him done it through the comic books over the years and the recent videogame.

It was a film for adults hence the R-16 rating due to insane violence, foul language, and the excessive grotesque that defined “Deadpool” as THE character comic book fans have known in four color pages which hope would leap into blockbuster stardom beating the likes of DC Comics’ Lobo to the punch. Even Rob Liefield’s Bloodwulf that inspired from Lobo himself was complete forgotten.

There have been interesting dialogue that was well written to this film that made it like “Deadpool” has jump off from the comic book to the big screen in a very insane unrealistic fashion that made the character among the fans. Seeing it in cinemas is worth the money how the cast pull off this film that started as a experimental project, and now just like ANY Marvel-related franchise it had a post credit scene that eventually made the viewers excited.

Overall “Deadpool” IS Deadpool and Wade Wilson has written himself off a fat paycheck that surely keeping the X-Men looks like a poor man’s high school musical not for everyone’s consumption. Unless you’re above legal age to see how this film turned out to be through the guiding hands of freshman director Tim Miller this is another Marvel gold that keeps on giving and heading to make another sequel.

“Deadpool” NOW SHOWING in Philippine cinemas and selected parts of Asia, and will open in North America on February 12, 2016 from 20th Century Fox!

RATED: 9 Out of 10 Bullets

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