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Friday, March 4, 2016

Black Widow #1: S.H.I.E.L.D.’S MOST WANTED!

03.04.2016 – Black Widow, the comicbook character has been synonymous with actor Scarlett Johansson thanks in part for her live-action portrayal appearing on Iron Man 2 and followed her evolution as being the core member of the Avengers in films.

The comicbook version has darker undertones and having been a double or triple agent Natasha Romanoff is certainly a puzzle that is hard to solve. She’s been around and there’s a lot of story to go through with this character now that Mark Waid and Chris Samnee has taking over the reigns in giving her that interesting narrative.

This new number #1 is an eye catcher with Christ Samnee you’ll immediately know its going to be a good run with this character having seen his work his Daredevil run you can’t go wrong with a little more grounded spy action. This time Waid and Samnee takes Black Widow to news heights and on the run.

It gives Black Widow a fresh perspective with enough action to give you enough fan service from the first page to the next issue. For Mark Waid to write a story of Natasha and translating it into pictures by Samnee is brilliantly done.

But with all the art and action come the story and the questions that tell you what’s happening. For the first issue it doesn’t tell you much as the cover says that the Black Widow is on the run from SHIELD?! That’s pretty much a big bold statement that everyone knows Romanoff has been a SHIELD agent for a while but on a run from the same agency seems like there a puzzle that fans need to fill.

The visuals are impressive as the story that only givers you the idea that Black Widow is on the run and didn’t tell much on what she’s running from SHIELD. Browsing through the pages is not enough to satisfy for more Chris Samnee artwork. Its entirely a semi-silent comicbook where you only see a few talking and more about blowing stuff and beating people up. The presentation is simple but once you open up the comicbook it takes you to that familiar rollercoaster ride that Waid and Samnee driving with a different high octane approach like in any spy action genre the hero is on the run and no option but to fight her way through this new series.

You can never go wrong about Black Widow she’s a badass lady that knows a thing or two about fighting and getting the job done. But fighting through a horde of SHEILD agents seems a mystery readers would be interested to pick up this book and roll with the punches now that a new creative team is giving you a story to catch up.

Like any rollercoaster ride sometimes it needs to stop or like a machine gun that’s running out of bullets, which needs a fresh reload and continue on Black Widow is certainly one of the hot picks for this month and if you haven’t heard of the new comicbook check out your local shop this week and come back for more next month!

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