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Thursday, April 14, 2016

2 Takes From Doctor Strange Trailer Reveal!

04.14.2016 – Marvel has finally released the first trailer of “Doctor Strange” in-between the opposing faction of “Captain America: Civil War” on Jimmy Kimmel Live and Kimmel himself has promoted that this is #MarvelWeek!

You’ve got to hand it to Jimmy Kimmel to get a line-up of stars promoting the first film for Phase 3 and at the same time have Benedict Cumberbatch drop in and share his upcoming film as part of the fourteenth Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)!

“Doctor Strange” been announced to be one those solo films Marvel is going to bring to the big screen, which also that would open the door to the realm of magic and mysticism. When you talk of supernatural there are a lot of characters from Marvel that would expand their cinematic world. They continue that everything is connected and its fitting that Strange himself brings in the trailer bit there’s more.

A Tale of Two Teaser Posters

A few days before Marvel have revealed its first teaser poster featuring the skylight at the Sanctum Sanctorum. Following that reveal on the day of the trailer’s release a second one featuring the good doctor showing his true power upclose.

Trailer Reveal & Party Tricks

Benedict Cumberbatch can dial up the serious look and still show you his magnificence. Jimmy Kimmel was doing his monologue the Sherlock Holmes star appeared in the big screen in the background re-educating the late night host about what type of magic Doctor Strange has and its gets hilarious with that clip below:

“Doctor Strange” set to be shown on November 4, 2016 from Marvel Studios distributed internationally by Walt Disney Studios!

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