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Friday, April 15, 2016

No Life Without "Converse X Coolrain!"

04.15.2016 – There a few well-known Art Toy designers in Asia that have made its mark in the mainstream unlike the ones coming from Europe or North America. One comes to mind is South Korean visual and sculptor Coolrain Lee.

For those who are unfamiliar with his work you might have come across them though his collaboration with big brands and art galleries. His most familiar in work in the Philippines is the Eraserheads art toys that were released in 2013.

But before he became known to design the E-Heads art toys he also had a special show at Vinyl on Vinyl in 2012 that featured all his works. This was first collaboration between art galleries is with Secret Fresh for producing four art toy figurines featuring the famous Filipino band with Eraserheads. His other notable collaboration outside South Korea is the NBA figurines. There where two series of blind box sets that produced between the 2012-2013 season featuring the current NBA stars during that time that have now changed teams.

He continues to collaborate with other artists and galleries across South Korea, but his most recent project is a team-up with sneaker brand Converse. The partnership is exclusive only to Converse in Korea, where he produced new Dunkeys.

This is Coolrain’s signature art toys as he also released previous version of these characters in their basketball jerseys that was inspired from the Chicago Bulls team. His latest collaboration with the iconic shoe brand also produces limited edition paired of Chuck Taylors II in colorways similar to the two art toys, which has included in this pack that says about his signature style.

The “Converse x Coolrain” special edition pack will be release today which will be limited and numbered to 500 pieces. The Dunkeys are a nice touch to pair with the iconic Converse brand as both art toys also wears these pair of sneakers.

Besides the sneaker pack featuring two different Dunkeys and Converse shoes it will be packaged in a special designed box with the line “No Life without Converse” and it’s priced at 169,000 Korean WON each. This is going to be sold out once its drops at Converse outlets all over South Korea and Coolrain is making it reign with the impressive art toys and concept you’ll never know what he’s got next but surely it would be great like the last one.

“Converse x Coolrain” is now available exclusively in South Korea beginning April 15, 2016 for 169,000 WON each and limited to 500 pieces. For more LIKE Converse KR on Facebook visit the official site at:

Follow Coolrain Lee and his projects LIKE Coolrain Works on Facebook and follow on Instagram @CoolrainLee on Instagram. Visit his site at:

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