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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Happy Meal 2016: Adventure Time Unwrapped!

04.16.2016 – “Adventure Time” continues to be relevant from the perspective of Jake the Dog and Finn, which earned a cult following due to its otherworldly narrative. It built its own following from the children to young adults.

It has become a comicbook, videogame, and merchandise from action figures and now making a Happy Meal toy from McDonald’s. But this is not the first time Adventure Time featured as part of a toy meal this time they get a repeat with more characters.

There was a packaged from McDonald’s that wasn’t conspicuous, but they have advised a week beforehand that they will send a ‘Happy Meal’ package. It was carefully wrapped with so much adoration that it would be a challenge for anyone not to open something that was this good.

Rarely will you see a ‘Happy Meal’ surprise that probably Ronald McDonald wrapped this gift himself. The box wrapped with a stripe of red and white complimenting it with a yellow ribbon that’s beautifully tied the box as if Christmas has arrived eight months early. But you know it did not come from North Pole and for anyone who never gets a surprise somebody out there will be completely floored.

Then again you have to keep your composure when you receive something special from McDonald’s. For the past few weeks most communities into collecting Happy Meal has been debated which is the next featured toy, but clearly those who have the sources claims its either “Adventure Time” or “Angry Birds” as currently the US is showing the movie doesn’t mean the same would be with the Philippines.

But here comes the mysterious package from McDonald’s even the wrapped plastic bag would show what’s the next toy, and eventually “Adventure Time” WAS the toy coming out in some parts of Asia. It’s logical too that following this would be the “Angry Birds” to coincide the release of the animated feature sometime next month.

The unboxing, unwrapping, and intense wrestle to open the mysterious box has been put to rest, which was done on-camera where you watch the video clip below:

“Adventure Time” is the next Happy Meal toys to be featured and collect all six starting on April 18, 2016 at McDonald’s. For more about Happy Meal LIKE McDo.PH on Facebook, follow on Instsgram and Twitter at: @McDo_PH

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