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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Playmobil Figures Series 8: Dirndl Girl!

04.12.2016 – Playmobil is known for its simple nameless characters and they keep on churning new ones at the same time discontinuing a previous series. It’s the same with the Playmobil Figure Series, which is currently on its 8th iteration for the girls in the Philippines. There are so few interesting characters in this series that stand out.

The challenge now is raised up not to rely on ‘cheat codes’, and it builds curiosity on what you’ll get in the ever growing mystery figure series. In this case a random lesser known character can be interesting like this woman wearing a traditional Dirndl…

This appeal for Playmobil figures is not as popular as a rocker or a girl ripping the streets with her rollerblades. But every figure has its story and it may be connected to tradition or someone based on real life everyday people. What’s interesting is if you’re tired with the default look and you own a few figures you can mix and match to customize your own Playmobil Figure. It’s either based on a real person or how your imaginations run wild this gets interesting.

It’s Always Packaged in Pink

Keeping with the color tradition for the mystery figures packed in blind bags Playmobil is consistent to identify which ones you want either for boys or girls. The earlier releases have managed to bag them in colorful pairs to easily identify which ones you only wan to collect.

The packaging for series 8 is in metallic flat colors without the stripes that identify the previous series 7. With this current series for girls the packaging now is promoting its social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube to be relevant in this era dominated by tablets and smartphones.

German Traditional Fashion

This Playmobil Figure wear a traditional German dress called ‘Dirndl’, which is consists of a bodice, blouse, full skirt and apron. Though this might not look interesting for some this figure also carries a bochay of flowers, which is very much attentive to detail and the level of commitment by Playmobil for their figurines.

If you can’t recall the classic film “Sound of Music” a very young Julie Andrews also wears a different kind of Dirndl, but hers has a longer skirt. This dress has been around as far back to 1870 and figurine wearing this shows how Playmobil being a German brand has been ever patriotic in immortalizing the dress worn by a figurine.

Overall the figure is worth it due in part of having the bochay of flowers as an incentive for making this stand out. The small pieces are easily lost but if you store them make sure the pieces don’t fall off.

“Playmobil Fi?ures” series 8 is exclusively available at Toys R' Us in the Philippines for PhP 179.75 pesos.

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