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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

3 Takes from the "Suicide Squad" Blitz Trailer!

04.12.2016 – Warner Bros has released a second trailer for “Suicide Squad” this was shown during the recently concluded MTV Movie Awards. It has been news that the studio is trying to improve the next iteration for their DC Extended Universe.

From the Comic-Con teaser and recent full trailer “Suicide Squad” has something “BvS” never had and this one is going to be fun.

From all angles David Ayer’s “Suicide Squad” has been a breath of fresh air for the DC fans that have hope that the DC Extended Universe is finally getting some leg work after the mixed reactions on their debut film.

The latest trailer has finally been released and its all things what fans are in for a treat and if you haven’t seen it watch it below:

The Superman 2 Reference

From the opening scene of the trailer the government where in a meeting and one of them mentions “what if Superman had decided to fly down rip off the roof the White House and grab the president from the oval office who would stop him?”

It’s a reference from the classic Christopher Reeve’s Superman 2, where General Zod and two of his associates went to the White House and rip off the roof of the Oval Office took over the place.

Sounds of the Squad

What makes “Suicide Squad” something to look forward to is how they have used the soundtrack from “Suicide Face” by Acid Phinex from the Comic-Con trailer, Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” in the first trailer to recent trailer with Grace & G-Eazy’s “You Don’t Own Me” to “Ballroom Blitz” by Sweet from the album Desolation Boulevard released in 1974.

Hence this latest teaser was titled “Blitz trailer”, and it made a lot of noise to pump up the excitement for this upcoming film that certainly is optimistically good in that particular direction. Kevin Smith’s initial reaction twitter says it found heart.

Best bar Sequence

To invest in the characters no one knew would be something of a risk, but there are trailers who don’t show the plot until you’ve seen the movie itself. For “Suicide Squad” to work they’ve shown in this new trailer one particular seen where the main characters where having drinks served by Harley Quinn.

Its there people would find the movie interesting above the flair of explosions of visual action. This bar scene sells some of personalities of these characters finding out who they are. From there it’s either you take the bait or still wait for the next trailer. But overall “Suicide Squad” the one that’s nobody have known will slowly get the attention it needs as the film close in on the release date.

“Suicide Squad” heading to cinemas on August 5, 2016 from Warner Bros Pictures!

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