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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

'Saving Sally' Teased for 2016 Release!

04.05.2016 – It’s been almost four years since there was news on the development of ‘Saving Sally’ a live-action with animation mix into the story of a boy, who dreams of becoming an artist at the same time has a crush on his childhood friend.

In a fictional world where sci-fi & fantasy exists, Marty must face the odds in reality at the same time win the heart to save his friend Sally in this new trailer.

‘Saving Sally’ slowly was being developed and has built a cult following through word of mouth. It’s the original concept by Avid Longren that began in the Mid-2000s. The live action scenes where already show, but the animation process in the post production took a long time for it to be finished.

The movie even had a soundtrack that was featured the Filipino band Sandwich’s song “Return to Center” in the music video ten years ago, and early last month the producers have started the screen test privately to gauge the viewers interest. Slowly but surely the film is coming together, but no specific details when it will be shown.

But Avid has promised his friends and followers in the social media it will be out before 2016 end, which he also teased a new trailer revealing what to expect when ‘Saving Sally’ finally comes out in Philippine cinema below:

This year, promise.

Posted by Saving Sally on Monday, 4 April 2016

'Saving Sally' heading to Philippine cinemas in 2016 and for more about the film LIKE and check the updates on the Official Facebook Page!

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