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Monday, May 23, 2016

Future Quest #1 | Lights in the Sky!

05.23.2016 – DC Comics has begun revitalizing the Hanna-Barbera properties in comcbook form as reported earlier this year. Its no coincidence that their main line is also getting a fresh look with ‘Rebirth’, but there’s no connection with what they are doing with the classics it’s just that it needs a little polish and a fresh look.

It begins with “Future Quest” like other properties having a singular universe DC Comics is trying their hand on uniting the Hanna-Barbera series into a sort of cinematic universe. It starts with Jonny Quest, Herculoids, Birdman, and Space Ghost where they face their biggest threat.

The first issue was heavily promoted with a poster that features one of the late great Darwyn Cooke’s last works. This issue features a wrap-around cover (not including the coloring book cover variant) and variant covers that have Johnny Quest, Herculoids, Space Ghost and his teen sidekicks.

Some of the characters get a more modern look introduced in this issue such as Birdman which exist in the same timeline with Jonny Quest, while Space Ghost and the Herculiods are from another world in the far future. But these characters will come together in “Future Quest” which is sort of their version of “Crisis on Infinite Earths” as they face a threat that is destroying the space time continuum.

Jeff Parker crafts a good story uniting these characters with the help of rotating artists that have Evan “Doc” Shaner and Steve Rude (who did pencil work for Jonny Quest #4 published by Comico) with colors from Jodie Bellaire. The pages turn out like the way you watch these heroes on the classic Saturday Morning Cartoons with fresh modern look to the characters. But this first issue focus on two timelines that reveals the narrative first the anomalies Dr. Benton Quest and his team are exploring and in the future an origin of The Space Force, where their uniforms appear to be based from Space Ghost’s sidekicks.

This Birdman is not the lawyer that everyone have known in the 1990s, but the character first introduced in the 1960s along with the Galaxy Trio. Ray Randall looks more of the modern superhero that will be getting action in this ongoing adventure in “Future Quest” and he’s the modern myth everyone is waiting for. There have been some mini-arcs in this story that sees Dr. Benton Quest and his finding with the anomalies at the same time Race, Hadjie, and Jonny on a mission where they faced their nemesis Dr. Zin. In the far flung future there’s Space Ghost and more about the character’s background as well as the threat that’s making this comiucbook series worth of a second look. If you grew up with these great characters from Hanna-Barbera you won’t be disappointed how much DC Comics is rebooting these characters in making them exist in the same universe.

Scooby Doo Apocalypse may not be connected and will probably exist in their world. But that is also worth looking forward to this week not also to forget the “Mad Max: Fury Road” inspired Wacky Raceland in June. Hanna-Barbera gets bigger beginning with “Future Quest” that is worth getting right now.

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