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Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Punisher #1: Silent Punishment!

05.08.2016 – The Punisher’s one-man war against crime gets a new series in the “All-New All-Different” Marvel universe with Becky Cloonan (Gotham Academy) taking over the writing reigns teaming up with Punisher artist Steve Dillon.

Like the previous Punisher series that involves mass killings of criminals in a very violent way it has become the character’s signature. This started with Garth Ennis turning up the violence that defined Frank Castle and who is “The Punisher” as the on-man army in taking all the bad guys in a gritty and creative violence.

The first issue kicks off the narrative of setting up The Punisher’s usual motive along with the DEA operatives’ investigation that overlaps with the same drug-trafficking stronghold. This latest iteration and characterization that Frank Castle is dead and the Punisher lives being the relentless machine against crime is firmly established. This also introduces a new enemy known as “The Face.”

This series starts up the usual drug cartel that’s being eyed by the DEA, and from the turn of a page you can see the build-up to the action.

Certainly it does not disappoint when it comes to bloody violence as part of The Punisher series as its trademark element. The Punisher dismantling his foes for the surviving criminals to place an ominous hit on him which gives you an idea what will happen next.

The creative team of Cloonan and Dillon gives you a reason why this first issue a must-read for those long time readers of The Punisher to get reacquainted with Frank Castle and also reintroduces the characters who have seen the second season of Daredevil where he was portrayed by Jon Berthal in the Netflix original series. Now that “Marvel’s The Punisher” is officially get a spinoff series of its own.

It’s hard to imagine having a female writer taking reigns in sculpting a male Marvel character that doesn’t need to be proven as Cloonen is every bit the bad-ass in giving a fresh look on “The Punisher.” This is not the first time Cloonen has written about deep-rooted characters that have the capacity for violence her stellar work continues to push boundaries what she has done before and taking her writing talents adding “The Punisher” as one of her best work to date.

Cloonen demonstrate further credibility has written Gotham Academy, Killjoys, and Southern Cross that made her suitable to take on “The Punisher.” If that doesn’t convince you or have not heard about her non-comicbook work then you might blame Quinton Tarantino for taking her writing the female lead in Kill Bill.

Everything is new again with “The Punisher” and the first issue did not disappoint with the gore and violence what’s refreshing is how Frank Castle is portrayed not with a word or a thought bubble what’s going on his head as he takes down the bad guys. It appears that he’s a mute but since this is only the first issue you’ll have to wait and see what happens in the next one.

For now its sure is great to see “The Punisher” back to his old self, and as they say every success of this series is a kick-ass woman like Becky Cloonen to bring the house down which surely a new series to look forward to.

NEXT: The Punisher #2!

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