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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Movie Review | Independence Day Resurgence

06.21.2016 – How do you bring back a film that is both iconic and had a cult following? Simple you expand the story that the aliens where defeated at the same time sent out a distress signal for an immediate reinforcement invasion.

This produced “Independence Day: Resurgence” from a movie that was built for one narrative in 1996. It’s about an alien invasion that unites the entire human race to take on, which was one of the best that came out in cinemas that has become nostalgic.

But not everyone would have thought this will build up to another film twenty years later. It’s the film that made Will Smith a household name and reinvigorate Jeff Goldblum as one of the finest actors in the 1990s. The sequel of course has a lot of call backs from the original film.

Revenge of the Aliens

Visually IDR is more than just human drama and what happened post-invasion, but it is a disaster film with grand spectacles that are visually superior due technological enhancements when you talk about special effects. The aliens are more fluidly realistic and the disasters are visually beautiful than terrifying.

Unlike in the past where practical effect is used that makes it crude and terribly real. But then again you got to give this film something to appreciate about and that’s the creatures the human race is up against that are now bigger and deadlier.

A Threat in the Galaxy

Originally this film is about getting invaded once again by the same alien species, but this time it’s not only Earth under threat but the entire cosmos. These aliens sure have problems insinuating trouble and the revelation can’t be all that bad but it gets worse.

What you get in IDR expands further trying to be a franchise that originally was built about the threat to humanity. It could have been great if they thought about this 20 years ago that these aliens are coming back to make things hell once again to the human beings who are just trying to protect their only home in this side of the Milky Way that has become a pest problem.

It’s No Longer Independent

Overall it was ‘Independence Day’ because the invasion was averted before the extinction of the human race. Resurgence slightly strained from that idea what made this film popularly sound. The idea was there and everything in-between but it also sets up another film taking the threat to the same aliens that tried to wipe them out.

Besides the all the drama that unfold there was no anchor to feel about having that ‘resurgence’ to live on and fight these aliens. The deaths of the major characters who where the heroes in the original wasn’t as felt as how thing played out 20 years ago. But IDR certainly was an upgrade to everything that happened in ID4, but it lost a lot what makes it nostalgic and cool why it was one of the best sci-fi films in the 1990s.

“Independence Day: Resurgence” opens on June 20, 2016 in Philippine cinemas also in 3D and IMAX theatres nationwide from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.


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