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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Spider-Man #4 | Ganke & Goldballs

06.25.2016 – Miles Morales can’t get enough breaks from his reality and superhero life. You’ve got the coolest abilities and a little bit better than the original Spider-Man, but what makes it even more challenging is having a friend named Ganke.

Ganke and Morales’ father are the only two people who know his secret identity; because you need people that you can trust when the going gets tough. But what‘s makes even more difficult is you have a friend who tries to be more than just a friend who teaches you about life and becoming Spider-Man.

Of course add pressure when a new student an ex-X-Man named Goldballs is added to the school, and makes Ganke make things harder for Miles to keep the secret. The stress must be far worse what Peter Parker was getting back in the day. But at those school years where Parker kept the identity all to himself.

This is a contrast to Miles Morales who just wants to have a decent life and one of the two people who you trust starting to act like he wants to be ‘cool’ too by letting Goldballs know what Miles is going through with the ‘superhero thing,’ was definitely uncool.

The friendship between Ganke and Miles reveal that is slowly getting fractured, but it’s not Goldballs fault. The life of a high schooler must be tougher now as compared to how he deals with super villains and at the same time being bullied in college.

This dynamic gives more heft to the drama that Miles is dealing with at the same time he has to survive an incoming attach after storming off from the school cafeteria where all thing Ganke wants to do didn’t work out so well trying to reveal Miles’ identity to Goldballs. This makes Ganke a douche rather than a friend who would keep it for themselves, but he can’t stop talking and thinks the narrative revolves around him to ‘feel cool’ now that there are now two superheroes in school.

It must be tough to Spider-Man now for Miles Morales who was attacked by Hammerhead and his henchmen that Balck Cat has sent to capture the young hero. The original creators of Miles Morales continue to weave a good story for this upstart who would carry the mantle of Spider-Man to the main Marvel Universe.

An exhilarating chase scene and fast pace action done in art by Sara Pichelli cements this book for consistent visuals of greatness at the same time Brian Michael Bendis provides dramatic dialogue that gives weight to the situation Miles Morales is facing head on with all the Ganke-ness that’s started this whole drama in the first place.

Overall the conversations in the cafeteria certainly gives the right tone and dialogue how things went south for Ganke and Miles at the same time alienates Goldballs to ever wonder if he already knew who is Spider-Man now. But things can’t get enough worse when Hammerhead capture the young webcrawler that screams ‘To Be Continued…’ just to wait for things to roll over the following month.

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