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Monday, June 27, 2016

Star Trek Beyond "Sledgehammer" in New Trailer!

06.27.2016 – “Star Trek Beyond” is nearing its screen date as Paramount Pictures continue to promote this third film from the rebooted universe that JJ Abrams has directed in the 2009 film and 2012’s Into Darkness now as producer for this one.

The latest trailer not only brings you visual scenes from the upcoming film, but also featuring “Sledgehammer” a new single by Rihanna. Of course the new trailer gives spotlight on Kirk, Spock, Bones and new faces that you’ll ever see.

In this trailer you get a glimpse on how the USS Enterprise how it was destroyed in some of the scenes plus more about the NX-Class ship that has long time trek fans are debating. You’ll never see it but its one of the highlights of this trailer dating back to the second one.

The trailer also reveals the aliens they’ve encountered and the crew’s struggle after being marooned on a mysterious planet where you can see it below:

“Star Trek Beyond” is heading to Philippine cinemas on July 20, 2016 from Paramount Pictures and will be distributed by United International Pictures.

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