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Monday, June 27, 2016

Funko Pop! TV | Sharknado

06.27.2016 – Today begins a week-long special program for “Shark Week” on Discovery Channel that became popular since its first program went on-air on July 17, 1988. Originally an annual special devoted to conservation efforts and correcting misconceptions about sharks.

To promote the beginning of Shark Week here’s a closer look at Funko Pop TV’s Sharknado, which is based from the B-Movie that spawned sequels and the time that you’ll never get your life back seeing it other than that this art toy looks good…

Sharknado a made-for-television disaster film that features recycled film reels, bad acting, and the campiest thing that some called it the modern day Ed Wood movies which was shown in 2013.

Due to its growing cult following Sharknado spawned three more sequels including an upcoming one this July titled “Sharknado: The 4th Awakens” which sums up that there won’t be an end to this monstrosity. With all that popularity Sharknado would eventually have merchandise that either absurd or somewhat silly at the same time popular for those who just collect almost anything.

Funko Sharknadoed

In 2014 Funko acquired the rights to produce a Sharknado under their “Pop! Television” line which featured their version what a flying shark would look like that was previewed almost three years ago.

There was even a 2014 SDCC exclusive that have minor change in the paint application. This version had a bloody mouth and the tornado base has additional paint detail showing that the shark appears to be ‘flying’ supported by a water tornado unlike this one that is clearly showing that its being transported by a tornado.

Vinyl-liked Angry Shark

This regular version is what made this Pop stand out from the traditional figurines that were produced by Funko. The design makes it more relevant to what Sharknado was, which is a shark in a tornado with its detailed appearance its way different from the common Pop vinyl that has been using the same basic template.

Because its not in humanoid form Funko had made this Pop vinyl unique that can’t be compared to Finding Nemo’s Bruce, which is also a shark but without that unique stand that was made part what Sharknado different.

Oh Hell No! There’s No Second One

Sharknado is a one-off Pop vinyl that if you’re into the design and how its represented would never get a second, third or even a fourth version. If Funko did make more it would be overkill. The second version is the same only difference is the paint application and its an SDCC 2014 exclusive, which is more bloodied enough not suitable for kids who just like the cuteness of a Funko.

Overall the sculpture and design how Sharknado is represented that’s a stand out which makes this Pop uniquely one-off for someone who is not into completing a series but who are minimalist when it comes to a definite favorite this one would be good enough for a casual hobbyist that appreciate the silliness of the film.

“Sharknado” is part of the Pop! Television line with designated number 134 from Funko. This was acquired with acknowledge to Hot Topic, where you can also get your other vinyl collectibles. This is also available in other Phillipine retail shops for PhP 550.00 pesos.

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