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Friday, July 22, 2016

Comic-Con® 2016 | The Flash Season 3 Trailer

07.22.2016 – The highest rated superhero series on The CW is fast enough to give you a teaser what they have for season 3. The Flash cast was at the panel for Comic-Con to give the fans a taste of what’s to come after the end of season 2.

It’s the most popular spin-off from Arrow that has been much anticipated among the shows on The CW. It’s aired in Asia particularly in the Philippines via Warner TV and local cable channel ETC Channel. There’s more reveal about ‘Flashpoint!”

The Flash over the past two season carry the intense and lighting bolt to shock viewers in their seat, though in the early years the build up wasn’t fast enough until the second season ender that would change what everyone would come to expect when season three roles in.

Below is the sizzle reel for what you’ll see and have read about season 3. There’s more where it came from so watch it now:

Breaking down the third season teaser you’ll find it interesting to know where the direction of the series is headed. By the time the second season ended and started to tease some bread crumbs that begun with the title of the first episode as ‘Flashpoint’ there was no turning back for this show to pull up some more shockers.

It’s not an alternate universe. It’s Flashpoint.

For those who have read DC Comics “Flashpoint” some already have ideas where ‘The Flash’ TV series go their stories from ranging from the mother of Barry’s death that was shown in Season 1 as its main premise and now the altering third season.

Whose the Villain now Flash?

After the events of the second season ender episode Barry time travel back to the time Reverse Flash was about to kill Nora Allen, where he rescued her and altering reality itself and at the same time the teaser also reveals something is happening to him Eobard Thawn may be on to something and he might be right this time about screwing with the time which is destined to really happen.

That Kid Flash Surprise

There’s a rule in the Flash TV series and that is only one speedster exist in this show, but since Barry changed the past reality shifts that produced ‘The Kid Flash’ at the same time the supposed dead villains would exist this time which leaves fans during the panel aghast with anticipation as well as something to look forward to on October 4th where things heats up

If this is enough to give you something never seen on television you’re in for the ride of your life. “The Flash” returns this October 4, 2016 on The CW and will be on-air in Asia very soon via Warner TV and ETC Chanell for the Philippines!

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