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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

#FindMajorTom Vintage Action Man Missing!

0705.2016 – Space must be a dangerous place to be even if it’s just about the Earth’s orbit. This is for the reason space programs have been serious regarding safety for astronauts. But for 12 inch action figures could be something different.

The team behind the Art + Science commence a Kickstarter campaign to fund the launch of the Mission Mercury 10 that used a Jubilee 7 capsule that include a classic Palitoy produced Action Man named Bob Tom in Astronaut gear which got lost…

During launch of the almost successful project upon orbit last June 26th the modified Jubilee 7 capsule broke off sending the beloved Major Tom to Earth, but with his missing helmet and his gold dog tags. The news of the missing figure has attracted local media including BBC, which had inappropriately called it a ‘doll’ several times rather than addressed as an “action figure.”

Details of the missing astronaut have been posted through the Art + Science Mission Mercury 10 via their Facebook and Twitter pages. Below pre-launch video of Major Tom (posted on July 1st) and what happened while on orbit seen how the accident happened during its launch:

The last moments for Art + Science project Mission Mercury 10, and the Jubilee 7 capsule. Major Tom, a 1966 Action Man Astronaut fell to earth after failure of the 1967 Palitoy Space Capsule in stratospheric turbulence.

He fell 12 miles to earth without his helmet and is currently missing assumed in countryside NW of Creaton in Northamptonshire.

REWARD OFFERED - If found please contact

For those nearby the crash site where Major Tom went missing you can check updated through their social media pages just LIKE Art + Science Mission Mercury 10 on Facebook or follow on Twitter at: @WisdomDesignUK #FindMajorTom

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