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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Spider-Man #5 | In the Claws of Black Cat

07.06.2016 – Miles Morales is a different kind of Spider-Man, and if you look at the similarities between Peter Parker this younger protégé has more powers that make him as interesting as the original. But as a young buck Morales is still trying to figure his way out in the Marvel Universe and how his life is turning out to be.

We haven’t seen him beyond the norn that Brian Michael Bendis has done for this character. Indeed Sara Pichelli makes this issue continue to be relevant and certainly had an appeal to how she puts Miles in a good light artistically.

Last issue was something Miles has to face in both fronts of his personal and superhero life. Unfortunately the bad guys had the bet of him led by Hammerhead, but this motley crew of criminals has been a pushover to Peter Parker is becoming a challenge for the young Miles Morales to deal with including the Black Cat’s obsession with the ‘Spider-Man’ identity. In Filipino culture it would be funny how Felicia Hardy is the ‘Tita’ (term for older woman or Aunt-like personalities) being different age group with Parker her approach for the young Morales is all business.

If it was Peter under the mask there would have been tension to add weight to the narrative, but then again this is Miles Morales story and dealing Black Cat first hand makes it more interesting along with the old baddies.

In other side of his life Goldballs rooms up with Ganke and Miles it was evident due to what happened last issue. Ganke overstepping his way to reveal Miles identity to someone they hardly knew is like ‘showing off your entire comicbook collection’ to impress everyone. It seems out of character for Ganke, but in real life it’s just like that to most people. But it is for what calls the story and adds the dynamic to the once-duo into a trio of characters facing real life. The other part of overstepping is what Gloria has done to hire a private investigator with the likes of Jessica Jones.

For what this arc would play out we’ll never know how Jessica Jones will be a crucial part to Miles challenging world. There’s something more which includes the revelations of his father being a former S.H.I.E.L.D. and that’s interesting how this will go through the next issue at the same time there is still one YouTube stalker coming up since the first issue that needs to be addressed.

But for this issue everything went just right where each story arc was the right balance to go through each page. Sara Pichelli has been great with the action and how she makes the perspective fresh for a title to carry the name “Spider-Man.” This is not of course the Spider-Man of old, but what represents the current generation. This issue continues to peak its way and giving us a look of what lies ahead, but let’s hope things gets more interesting as some scenes becoming a cliché that was overly used. Next issue may still have something to do with Miles, but you have the option to skip it since its ‘Civil War II’ tie-up probably the seventh issue would be back to normal.

Right now what makes this issue interesting is how Mile Morales differs from Peter Parker, a Spider-Man who never leaves a note that’s what he is.


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