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Monday, July 4, 2016

Playmobil Figures Series 8 | Rock Star

07.04.2016 – The mystery bag for Playmobil Figures Series 8 has more interesting characters than its previous predecessor. This is due to that Series 7 never has sets for girls available in the Philippines the same goes with the boys set.

There’s limited stock of Series 8 even though they’re the girls set of figures. But in those set you get not just a mix bag of characters, but way something more you’ve never seen in other waves like this female Rock Star.

You’ve got a Dirndl Girl who traditionally wears German dress that’s the least of the characters included in the set. But what sets this from the boys set from Series 7 is the amount of colorful character that even those who collect only boy’s figures have made this a successful first run that Ban Kee never anticipated as they’re now the sole distributor following Playmobil being known as exclusive toys for Hobbes & Landes in the past ten years in bringing the brand back to mainstream again.

AS for some who knew back in the day Playmobil was originally a direct competitor for LEGO and was widely available in the Philippines the 1980s and early 1990s until they slowly disappeared from mainstream due to being a high quality product some can’t afford round that time. But now Playmobil is slowly going back to collective mainstream for the older ones who grew up with the brand.

Rocker Girl Rules

There have been variations of a Rock Star in Playmobil it’s either a version of a boy or a girl, but for Series 8 this one has more details and enough to represent various personalities based from real female performers.

You open a pack and find some nifty elements that may or may not been used from the previous iteration of a female Rock Star, but this version is colorful enough to find it more interesting that made the girls set for Playmobil Figures sought after for its interesting detail and looks that can be used to custom to make another character.

It’s all in the Details

The look for the Rocker Girl have her hair dyed in red and sporting tattoos at the same time keeping it real having a guitar with strap, while being iconic with her skirt with designs and along that have bracelets to add the look that you see in some famous real life performers out there.

Overall appearance makes it more interesting that the color tones are well balance for making this character stand out in the Series 8 of girl figures. The body type construction is not like the traditional three-piece figure, but more of a two-piece due to the female shape of the character. Most use the traditional three-piece body type is either the female figure wears a long skirt of pants. But this one keeps the female body type slender as you see the shape differs in comparison to the Dirndl Girl.

This certainly one of those unique Playmobil figures around, and its one that’s also sold out in retail stores that you should pick up due to the theme that’s easy to get a feel for her guitar a giveaway to get the blind bag.

“Playmobil Fi?ures” series 8 is exclusively available at Toys R' Us in the Philippines for PhP 179.75 pesos.

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