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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Movie Review | Star Trek Beyond

07.20.2016 – The long storied franchise of Star Trek movies has its up and downs since the original motion picture debuted in 1979. Throughout its films the best where from the TOS cast with a few good films from The Next Generation cast, but the re-imagined series brought something fresh since 2009.

“Star Trek Beyond” is the latest film that's been long awaited since “Into Darkness,” which was JJ Abrams last to direct before moving to revive another franchise and in his place fresh from fast cars; Justin Lin takes the helm...

It’s been a long road from getting from Earth to who knows where as the film synopsis reveal that they where halfway through their five year missions. There have been a lot of Star Trek Easter Eggs paying tribute to 50 years of Gene Roddenberry’s creation. But there are times in those three years they’ve been away Captain James Tiberius Kirk things are getting episodic.

There have been great scenes in the film prior to the main story what the crew will encounter along the way, and they are all brief moments how life in space can be that difficult during their first three years gallivanting and exploring other worlds. Its quite noting they addressed most of the little scenes that makes it’s a Star Trek film.

The impressive part is when they have reached Starbase Yorktown. It’s not the usual space station you see in the previous Star Trek films or even in television. But it’s a good place to add more scenes to what’ll happen in the pivotal part of the action sequence. But if you look back to the past two films you can’t have chaos happen in the middle of a bustling city without innocent bystanders around. It seems that this become part of the film’s element without comparing it to the later.

This quite noting that the ‘city scenes’ would always play part of what’s happening to this film. But that’s just one element that’s noticeable while the rest are an absolute joy why this stands out a bit more than the last one. It has enough Star Trek-y elements and great story arcs for the main and minor characters. But the one who stood out the most isn’t part of the crew.

It’s actually Jaylah, the alien girl who lived in the USS Franklin after it was abandoned by the original crew. There was more about her when she was introduced towards the final act. This could probably be her breakout role since being cast as a sword slicing villain in Kingsman. The Enterprise crew won’t get out of this sticky situation if not for the alien scavenger. There also have been great moments for the main characters too. This most definitely on the apparent death of Ambassador Spock (this would be tribute to Leonard Nimoy who passed away in February 2015 prior to filming). It’s a tribute to the beloved character and actor who portrayed the original Spock. It was one of the high points for this film that meant so much more to the fans, but also to those who have worked with Leonard Nimoy in the two previous films.

The other highlights also feature the performance of Idris Elba portraying a new antagonist character, which has shaken up the Enterprise crew to their core though for some saying this was n underwhelming truth. But overall “Star Trek Beyond” is not all about action it’s certainly a thrill ride for Trekkies who have been missing. It gets a whole lot bigger when the TV series launches six month from now even though that one exist in the Prime universe its all about celebrating 50 years of Star Trek and Beyond.

"Star Trek Beyond” opens on July 21, 2016 in cinemas nationwide from Paramount Pcitures to be distributed by United International Pictures through Columbia Pictures Philippines.


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