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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Toy Sightings | Secret Life of Pets

07.21.2016 – When you talk about feature length animated films be sure to expect there will be merchandise for the mass market. Though for some may not be aware of it as those who watches these rarely gets lost to a toy store.

Unless there’s a tie-up with a fast food restaurant in the case of “The Secret Life of Pets” with the Happy Meal, but that won’t happen in a few weeks from now. The toys by Spin Masters however have already been sighted in toys stores...

There’s an abundance of toys related to “The Secret Life of Pets” dedicated to one shelf at Toy Kingdom. It now depends on the 3D animated film’s performance if it’s a hit or miss but it seems the trailers and promotional TV spots are pointing to the right direction how the kids and adults would head out to look for merchandise.

This is the usual case for the casual movie going public who have seen the movie and then head out in search for the collectibles that would hold meaning for them after their first viewing. But the recall might not be as huge fame has given the Minions that cult following. The toys for the “Secret Life of Pets” also would have definite recall for the lead characters, but it seems Kevin Hart’s antagonist bunny named Snowball might take that spotlight.

The toys have several variations ranging from mini figurines, deluxe actions figures, plush toys and the ones that have interactive gimmickry. All these toys also have varied price points that don’t come cheap, that some would rather get their versions of the characters produced in meal toys or as a promo in cereals.

But expect for these collectibles to move from their shelf, but there will be casualties too as not everyone is a favorite save that if you’re a completist. For a casual collector who doesn’t get them all the ones who would stand out will definitely get to be sold out. Spin Masters is the one who manufactured these toys and a closer look on the display shows these have potential. For now they are in the wait and see moment as the Philippine release of “The Secret Life of Pets” will be on August 24, 2016 which is a month from this sighting,

“The Secret Life of Pets” re now available at Toy Kingdom and Toys R’ us stores nationwide manufactured by Spin Masters, which is distributed for the Philippines by Richprime. For more about this product LIKE Richwell Club on Facebook!

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